Apartments for sale in Üsküdar, Istanbul

Apartments for sale are available in the Üsküdar area in the Turkish city of Istanbul, where the apartments are characterized by their low prices compared to the rest of the areas in Istanbul, due to the fact that Üsküdar is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. The Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by the presence of projects and apartments with modern services available, in addition to its proximity to all vital facilities that a person needs during his daily life, which makes thinking about leaving it almost impossible.

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Why should you look for apartments for sale in Üsküdar

The person looking for apartments for sale in the cities of Turkey always asks why the Üsküdar area is a very good option to rent apartments or to reside in it permanently according to the tenant’s desire. In fact, the reason for this is due to the many features that characterize the Üsküdar neighborhood compared to other areas in Istanbul, and among these features are the following:

  • The area of ​​Üsküdar is characterized by the fact that the apartments in it are very close to all the vital facilities, such as: popular markets, shopping malls, hospitals … etc.
  • Üsküdar is a gateway that connects Asia to Europe, as it is located in the part of the Asian continent from Istanbul, but is also connected to the European side through the Bosphorus Bridge, the Marmaray Tunnel, as well as the Avrasya Tunnel.
  • Üsküdar is distinguished by the proximity of its residential apartments to the coast of Üsküdar, as it is located near the Bosphorus Channel, and there are many green spaces near the apartments, which allows residents to spend a very enjoyable time around.

The advantages of apartments for sale in Üsküdar

The residential apartments in the Üsküdar area have many advantages that make them a reception station for foreign tenants and Turkish locals over time,and among these features are the following:

  1. The apartments overlook the green spaces all around them, and that definitely has a reassuring, calming, comforting effect when living in that area, because it is also far from the sources of inconvenience and noise that exist on European Istanbul.
  2. There are many schools and universities in the Üsküdar region distributed as follows: 86 government primary schools, 22 private primary schools, and it contains 186 public schools for intermediate education (preparatory stage), 10 private schools for intermediate education, 26 government secondary schools, and 23 private secondary schools, in addition to a public university, and another private university in the region.
  3. Most residential apartments contain modern services that make life at the highest degree of luxury, as the residential projects there are newly built and equipped with all services necessary to live in luxury and great enjoyment of life, whether in the summer or in the winter seasons
  4. The residential apartments in Üsküdar are very close to the sea and land transportation, the sea transportation being stationed and located on the Bosphorus shore, while the land transportation, including the Marmaray metro, works to connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.
  5. There are medium-sized apartments where the apartment area sometimes reaches 130 square meters and contains all modern features. Some of the apartments are fully or half-furnished. Usually, apartments that do not have furniture are rented by companies or institutions operating in Turkey to be their main office or one of its branch offices.

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