Best investments in commercial property in Turkey

We offer you the 4 best types of commercial property investment in Turkey, and more on how to choose the most suitable one.

Types of investment in commercial property

Investors may go to choose commercial property, and what we mean by commercial property, is that it be one of the following:

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Investing in commercial offices

Commercial offices are one of the commercial property that investors can go to, But when the investor makes a decision to invest in this type of commercial real estate in Turkey , it is necessary to follow the following tips:

  • It is very important that the office is close to the main roads of the city.
  • Pay attention to the office location itself, so that a comfortable and ideal work environment should be provided, with the aim of increasing the level of achievement and performance by employees.
  • The necessity of having the office close to a group of places such as hotels, in order to make it easier for customers in matters of residence, and to be able to take advantage of the meeting rooms in the hotel when your business requires any meeting.
  • It is important to have a car park for the commercial office.
  • The place should be well ventilated, through the presence of windows.
  • The commercial office should be near a bank’s automated teller machine.
  • There is an elevator in the building.
  • Provides central heating and cooling services in the commercial office to be suitable in both winter and summer seasons.
  • Provides a strong infrastructure and transportation network, in the same area.

Real estate investment in shops

The second type of real estate investment in Turkey is the direction of investors to invest in shops, , and we also offer you a set of advice that you should look at, including:

  • The area is easily accessible, , located in the city center, and has various means of transportation.
  • That the area is full of movement and crowded with pedestrians.
  • Proximity to parking lots, ATMs, and banks.
  • The presence of a security guard, in the street in which the shop is located, and it is good for it to be equipped with surveillance cameras.

Real estate investment in warehouses in Turkey

We now turn to a third type of commercial real estate that an investor can invest in, namely warehouses.

Here is a set of tips for every investor who wishes to invest in warehouses, as a commercial property:

  • Proximity to main roads, specifically in large cities, and with lots of traffic and people, such as Istanbul.
  • Proximity to commercial or industrial areas.
  • The necessity to pay attention to the availability of suitable positions for all loading and discharging operations.
  • Provides security, in order to manage fire risks and systems.
  • Always provide security, and it is also good to have surveillance cameras.

Investing in hotels in Turkey

Turkey is one of the first tourist destinations in the world, due to the picturesque scenery and its wide options of charming beaches, a distinctive geographical location, in addition to its special foods and delicious dishes.

All this made it a tourist destination par excellence, and it is intended for more than 60 million tourists annually.

This is what prompted the need for the idea of investing in hotels, and made this idea a truly profitable investment idea.

We offer you these tips for foreign investors wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, especially in hotels:

  • Choosing to invest in three,four and five-star hotels, because the volume of demand for them is very large by tourists, especially Arab tourists.
  • The choice of real estate investment in hotels located in cities that witness a large influx of tourists, for example Antalya, Bursa, and Istanbul.
  • Attention to building the hotel, to be modern, equipped with modern, modern suites.
  • The necessity of a group of tourist attractions in the area in which the hotel is located, such as beaches malls, shopping centers, and other tourist attractions.
  • The hotel’s proximity to transportation,transportation, and ease of movement to and from the hotel.

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