Buying a home in Turkey

Buying a house in Turkey is currently considered one of the best investment projects that Arab and foreign investors alike are considering. It is one of the profitable projects in the long term, especially in the coming years. House sales are high in Turkey due to the influx of many tourists to Turkey for various purposes, so this project is considered one of the successful projects in which the investor recovers the capital that he invested within a short period and remains reaping profits from the rental of his property for a long period of time.

Advantages of buying a house in Turkey

  1. Owning a house in Turkey is a profitable investment project where this house can be offered for rent, and since Turkey is a first-class tourist country, there is a very high demand by tourists and temporary residents for homes due to the availability of many advantages in terms of cost, privacy and availability of amenities.
  2. The property owner, his wife and children can obtain real estate residency, which is renewed annually.
  3. The owner of the property in Turkey can apply for Turkish citizenship, as well as in order to obtain a Turkish passport if certain conditions are met in the property he owns, including:
  • The property value must be $ 250,000 or more.
  • Keeping the property and not selling it for a period of three years or more.

How to find a home in Turkey

In order to obtain a house with the required specifications in Turkey, one of the following methods can be used:

  • Through the Internet

The Internet provides a good service in searching for homes in Turkey, as it provides a full description of the offered homes supported by pictures, and provides an accurate explanation of the advantages of these homes and comparing them with other offers. In addition, it provides a general visualization of prices and compares them to price levels for real estate and homes in general, which helps the researcher or the buyer to get a general idea of the offers made and make the purchasing decision easier.

  • Real estate companies and real estate agents

It is the most prevalent and easiest method currently in Turkey, as companies and agents have many offers that can be seen by the buyer, provide clear ideas and a vivid picture of the house to be purchased, assist the buyer in all purchasing steps, obtain official papers and carry out legal procedures, which constitutes an advantage for foreign buyers who They are ignorant of many matters inside the country, either due to lack of knowledge of the Turkish language or lack of knowledge of the official procedures necessary to complete the purchase. Read also: Stages of naturalization in Turkey

Criteria for buying a suitable home in Turkey

  1. The suitable location for the house: studying the location of the house in terms of construction and construction status, in terms of ease of transportation, availability of health services, education, shopping centers and others.
  2. Fit the area of the house with the number of family members: Spacious houses provide a better feeling for family members and provide them with comfort and stability.
  3. The price of the house is proportional to the budget allocated to owning it : Whether the house is for housing or investment, it must be planned in advance, determine the available budget for purchase, and study wide and multiple options to obtain a home with the best specifications compared to the amount paid for it.

Features of Turkish homes

Turkish houses are characterized by a modern style, which depends on simplicity in interior design, relying on elegant furniture and light colors, which studies have shown have a positive impact on the psyche of the population, as well as the provision of natural lighting and good ventilation through the design of spacious balconies and the good distribution of windows throughout the house, as well as Central heating is provided in almost all homes in order to face the cold waves that Turkey is exposed to during the winter season, and while this house was inside a residential complex that has recently spread in Turkey, these complexes provide multiple services to the population, such as guarding around the clock, schools belonging to the complex, and centers Shopping, parks, playgrounds, and transportation. Thus, you find that buying a home in Turkey is an excellent opportunity, whether on a personal or practical level, and you can benefit from it at all levels without incurring any losses.

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