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أرخص العقارات في تركيا

The cheapest real estate in Turkey, Turkey is distinguished by its distinguished location from other neighboring countries, Its location between the two continents, Asia and Europe, made it the source of a common civilization between the West and the East. It also made it a combination of two different cultures, In all walks of Turkish life, In terms of education, culture and civilization, between housing and the diversity of real estate and the different buildings and finishes that are commensurate with those two cultures, It also led to the multiplicity of arrivals to it, whether tourists, students, or even investors or expatriates for residence, and made there a difference in tastes and cultures, in addition to the diversity of real estate and its differences, which contributes to satisfying all tastes, and Turkey seeks greatly to meet and provide all the services that the arrivals need in a manner commensurate with their requirements, as this matter helps in the development and progress of Turkey’s economy, and also led The diversity of real estate leads to the presence of many investors and expatriates from different countries to invest in real estate in particular, and this is due to the large demand for it in Turkey, especially in recent years after its commercial, economic and tourism prosperity, which led to the development of their trade and economy, and the success of their projects significantly, as Turkey has become a first competitor to other countries Great and great in the field of trade, economy and tourism, it has become a strong competitor to China and India, as they are one of the most powerful countries in the world economically and commercially.

Types of real estate in Turkey

The name of the property refers to many different things. When the word real estate is launched, it means either lands, houses, villas, apartments, buildings, or even residential complexes, offices or companies. The word real estate means all of those things that have been mentioned. Therefore, real estate in Turkey is very different, This is because its cities and regions differ greatly, and the most important of these properties are:

  • residential real estate, It includes villas, palaces, and chalets.
  • industrial real estate, It includes stores and factories.
  • Commercial real estate, including administrative buildings and commercial centers, And impossible.
  • agricultural real estate, It includes orchards and land.

These are the most important types of real estate in Turkey. A person who wants to buy a property must specify the type of property and allocate it specifically to know his demand for real estate.

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Factors affecting real estate prices in Turkey

When buying a property or looking for properties, you must know their prices, and the factors that affect the price must be known first, and then know what is appropriate for the person and commensurate with the property itself. The most important thing that affects real estate in Turkey and its prices are the following:

  • property location, It plays the most important role in influencing the price of the property, as it is located in a coastal tourist area and historical and rare views lead to a significant increase in the price. Also, the location of the property in relation to the city and region has a major role in determining the price.
  • rarity, The lack of demand and supply plays a key role in determining the price. The lower the demand for real estate, the lower the price, and the greater the demand for real estate, the higher the price.
  • Modernity, sophistication, interior finishes and the general space of the property, All of these things affect prices significantly and significantly, and it is necessary to know these things before deciding to buy a property.

From the foregoing, it appears that there are factors that greatly affect real estate prices in Turkey between a decrease and a rise in prices, Also, the region or city plays a major role in determining the price. For example, Istanbul and Trabzon are among the highest cities in Turkey in terms of real estate prices, and this is due to the large demand, the large number of tourists and the large number of investors, Houses and apartments are among the cheapest real estate in Turkey, while the rest of the regions and cities in Turkey are considered the cheapest in all real estate, due to the low demand for them.

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