Tourist accommodation in Turkey

الإقامة السياحية في تركيا

Who among us is ignorant of Turkey’s tourist status, Of course no one The nature of tourist accommodation in Turkey attracts many visitors to it at many times during the year, It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, This distinctive coastal city is characterized by wonderful tourist areas, From plains, forests, mountains and beautiful green nature, Turkey, what a charming charming name, No one can resist so much beauty, And whoever visits it wants to visit it again and again. Is this just because of the beautiful and picturesque tourist areas only?! Or is there another reason? I wonder?!

The facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign tourists to reside in its country, The country of beauty and majesty beautiful Turkey, let’s get to know each other On the nature of tourist accommodation in Turkey.

Tourist accommodation in Turkey:

Turkey was and still is the best solution for tourist accommodation in general, Especially for tourists who want to stay there for a short period of time, from one to two years, This encourages tourists to stay in Turkey. But the shocking reason behind Turkey making these facilities, Regarding tourist accommodation, Is that it wants to give a greater opportunity for the tourist to get to know the Turkish market or the tourist places in Turkey in general, Which may push them to stay in it for a long time, invest in and develop it.

Tourist residence requirements in Turkey:

There are several requirements and obligations that those who want to reside in Turkey must submit in order to be approved and obtain a tourist residence in it, But before we start with these requirements, we must take into account a very important note, which is that a person cannot exceed the legal period of his presence in Turkey, Except to provide tourist accommodation, Within these terms and requirements imposed by the Turkish government, It is as follows:

  • First, You have to bring the papers related to the date of residence, and this includes whether you are inside or outside Turkey.
  • Secondly, You must have health insurance. Health insurance varies in price according to the company and age.
  • Third, To have with these papers a notarized and attested rental contract from the Turkish real estate month, Provided that this contract shall be for no less than one year, Because short term contracts are not accepted.
  • Fourthly, A copy of the passport.
  • fifth, A copy of the travel or entry visa.
  • Sixthly, 4 personal photos.
  • seventh, To have a bank statement with $6,000 in it, But it is not one of the conditions that a person is bound by.

What is the benefit of a tourist residence in Turkey:

Tourist accommodation in Turkey, It is considered a beautiful and enjoyable thing in the midst of this nature, beauty and simplicity, This is due to the many benefits it contains for tourists in Turkey. It is interesting to note that obtaining a tourist residence in Turkey, It is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to reside in the state of Turkey, This is because most transactions in Turkey require a residence permit, Suppose, for example, that you want to rent an apartment and that the lease contract is in your name, In this case you should dear, to have a residence permit, In order for all things from the lease agreement to an apartment, the water and electricity contract to be in your name, and so on, Also, when a tourist obtains a tourist residence permit, Enable him to enter and exit Turkey without a visa or entry visa, for the duration of the stay, This is one of the advantages enjoyed by tourists who visit Turkey regularly.

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