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Operational steps

After determining the real estate or real estate whose value exceeded $250,000

Full value registration by bank transfer

If we own it from a construction company or from the owner, the full purchase value must be recorded on the title deed or title deed, and the amount must have been transferred by bank transfer to the seller so that these bank receipts are attached to the title deed or title deed file.

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Real estate appraisal

The property must be evaluated by approved Land Registrants and the Turkish government so that the real estate appraiser will write a full report to the property department to attach all the legal licenses, the building or the project, the number of apartments on the floor, external and internal photos with the dimensions of the resident property, in which the estimated value of the property is mentioned, provided that it is not less than $250,000 as mentioned.


Promise not to sell for 3 years

Before issuing the deed or title deed, a request must be made to place a condition not to sell the property for a period of no less than 3 years, which is called “Şerh” in Turkish, which means the pledge not to sell the property before this period.


Proof of fulfillment of the conditions

We will request a document from the Title Dept. called “Uygunluk Bilgisi” which means that you have fulfilled the conditions from the Title Dept. by owning real estate with this decision

Turkish citizenship

Go to the Naturalization Department and we will take the following actions

Investor's residence

The investor’s residency must be submitted to the applicant, and there is no need for family members, knowing that this residency is for applying for citizenship with this decision. They extract the residency within a maximum period of 30 days.


Applying for Turkish citizenship

After obtaining the residence permit, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship with family members, as the husband, wife and children under the age of 18 will be granted through a request: 1 – A certificate of non-judgment from the person concerned and his wife. 2- Birth certificates for children, if any. 3- Family book. 4 – personal photos for each person


Naturalization decision within 45-60 days

The last stage, which is within 45-60 days, will be granted a certificate of naturalization approved by the Presidency of the Republic, then you must go to the Department of Souls to extract Turkish identity cards and give fingerprints.

Turkish passport


121 countries without a visa

The Turkish passport gives you the opportunity to visit more than 121 countries around the world and the ease of obtaining a Schengen visa to visit Europe

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Turkish state


Among the top 20 economies in the world.


Over 206 free public universities with global rankings.


The only country that grants citizenship without a residency requirement.


The fastest growing economy in Europe.


Permanent citizenship transferred to children and grandchildren without condition.


It is not required to hand over the original citizenship to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Strategic location linking east and west.


Safe and stable society and low crime rate


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Turkish Nationality

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Residence in Turkey

Cityscape Real Estate will help you at every step in order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, which includes the wife and immature children.


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