Obtaining Turkish citizenships for Syrians

الحصول على الجنسيات التركية للسوريين

Many Syrians want to obtain Turkish citizenships, According to the Turkish laws that grant Turkish nationalities to foreigners coming to it, but within the conditions, controls and laws set by the state in order to maintain its security in the first place, Many Arabs and foreigners of different nationalities, as well as Europeans, seek to obtain Turkish nationalities so that they can enjoy the rights enjoyed by Turkish citizens and obtain the privileges granted by Turkish citizenship, A law has been passed that allows Syrians, after the Syrian revolution, to obtain Turkish citizenship according to certain conditions required of them.

How to obtain Turkish citizenships

There is more than one method developed by the Turkish government in order to obtain citizenship for foreigners and Arabs as well, But it allowed some advantages and other ways for the Syrians to obtain Turkish nationalities of all kinds, The reason for this is that most of the immigrants to it in recent years are Syrians, after the devastating war that took place in Syria. Turkey was their first destination because it is close to Syria on its borders. It was one of the first countries that embraced them and relieved them of the tragedy they were exposed to. Among the most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship are the following:

  • Purchasing a real estate or a residential apartment with a value of $250,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies. With the need to keep the property with the buyer for at least three years.
  • Deposit a sum of money in a Turkish bank, amounting to 500 thousand US dollars or more, or its equivalent in other foreign currencies, Keeping the deposit for at least three years inside the bank and not withdrawing it for any reason.
  • The Syrian company owner or the Syrian business owner providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens.
  • Marriage of a Syrian man to a Turkish woman Or the marriage of a Syrian woman to a Turkish man.
  • Obtaining citizenship through Turkish families’ adoption of minors under the age of eighteen, Which makes them get Turkish citizenship as soon as possible.
  • A person of Turkish origin can obtain Turkish citizenship if he proves this with evidence and documents.
  • Residing in Turkey for eight consecutive years without leaving it, The years that the student studied there are counted from the years of residence, and he must complete the remaining eight years in order to obtain citizenship.
  • Turkish nationalities are granted to the Syrians free of charge in terms of humanity and standing with them by the Turkish government against the injustice they suffered during the civil war in Syria.

Additional advantages that are granted to Syrians regarding Turkish citizenship

In recent years, after the increase in the number of Syrians arriving in Turkey to escape the war in their country, The Turkish government granted them Turkish citizenship so that they could reside and enjoy all the rights of a Turkish citizen, Which is represented in the right to education, work, investment, buying real estate, elections and voting, In order to fully integrate them into Turkish society, The Turkish government has also facilitated the acquisition of Turkish citizenship for Syrians, Where it granted Turkish citizenship to more than 1,800 Syrians in the past year, In addition, this matter continues during the current year as well as in the coming years. Every month, the Turkish government grants Syrian citizenship to additional numbers of Syrian refugees.

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