Obtaining Turkish citizenships

الجنسيات التركية

Obtaining Turkish nationalities, according to the laws established in Turkey and which are applied on the ground, It largely grants foreigners Turkish citizenship, Whatever the nationality of these foreigners, whether they are from Arab countries or European countries, It grants Turkish citizenship to them, but within several conditions and controls that must be met in order to obtain Turkish citizenships, Many expats to Turkey and wish to reside there or investors seek to obtain Turkish citizenship, not only because Turkey is a strong country economically, tourism or commercially, Or even an investment front for investors, Of course, this is a major reason for them to obtain Turkish citizenship, But there are other motives and reasons that make them try to obtain Turkish citizenship by all possible means, In order to enjoy the privileges and rights enjoyed by the original holder of Turkish citizenship or the original citizen, Whoever obtains Turkish citizenship enjoys the citizenship rights enjoyed by the original citizen in Turkey, The Turkish citizen enjoys many rights that everyone seeks to obtain, These include the right to free education and the right to vote, elect and express opinions. The right to work and to choose the type of work, The right to purchase real estate and real estate investment, The right to health insurance and free health and medical care, and the right to social assistance, Travel and move across the country faster and easier, And many other rights and privileges enjoyed by the Turkish citizen and the holder of Turkish citizenship, Turkey also sets several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship so that a person chooses the method that suits him in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, It also sets conditions and controls for the person who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship in terms of the person himself, To be free from diseases and not threatening the public security of the state. To be an employee or have a job through which he supports himself and his family, That the person is not a security fugitive or afflicted by other countries, To express a desire to stay in Turkey, And many other conditions set by Turkey in order to maintain the security and safety of the state, As there is careful consideration in taking measures such as granting citizenship to foreigners.

How to obtain Turkish citizenships

Turkey puts in place several ways to obtain Turkish citizenships. A foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship must choose what suits him in order to obtain citizenship, Also, these methods are considered general for all those who wanted to obtain Turkish nationalities, and the most important of these methods are:

  • Buying a property inside Turkish territory, the value of which is estimated at 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currencies, Turkey has eased this matter for foreigners, as it was at the beginning of obtaining citizenships, as it stipulated that the amount should be one million dollars.
  • Depositing a sum of money in any of the Turkish banks in Turkey in the amount of 500 thousand dollars for a period of three years, provided that the person who deposited it does not withdraw it three years ago.
  • Providing 50 job opportunities for Turkish citizens, and Turkey had previously imposed that they provide 100 job opportunities for Turkish citizens, but it has reduced them in recent years.
  • Residing in Turkey for a continuous period of eight years without leaving it.
  • Marriage to a Turkish citizen in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through them.
  • Adoption is when a Turkish family adopts individuals under the age of 18.
  • Whoever has Turkish origins, and the papers and documents prove that, then he is entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through humanitarian means, as Turkey did with the Syrians.

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