Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment

الحصول على الجنسية التركية من خلال الاستثمار

Many people and investors seek to obtain Turkish citizenship, which gives them many privileges, whether in terms of residence in Turkey or in terms of travel to European countries neighboring Turkey, as well as different countries of the world, Once this citizenship is obtained, the person automatically obtains the Turkish passport, which allows entry to 77 countries without the need to obtain an entry visa. Including European countries, and other other countries, For this reason, Turkey has become the focus of the attention of many investors who have turned to invest in it in the field of real estate in order to obtain its citizenship and benefit from many of its advantages, which we will review through the article.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

  1. Turkish citizenship is one of the strongest nationalities in the world at the present time, with a ranking of 36 worldwide.
  2. Exemption from military service for those over the age of 22.
  3. Turkish citizenship allows its holder to benefit from a safe and stable work environment in which all religions are respected, It is a mixture of multiple cultures that a person acquires once he resides in Turkey.
  4. Benefit from all services provided to Turkish citizens, Including education and health services completely free of charge, In addition to getting discounts on many other services within the country.
  5. The holder of this nationality benefits from all the advanced services on a continuous basis, Which is a valuable addition to his work there that helps him to achieve it in the best possible way.
  6. Ease of carrying out all legal, medical and governmental transactions in general, All the advantages available to the Turkish citizen will be available to the holders of citizenship without discrimination between them and the Turkish citizen in the treatment.
  7. This nationality, in addition to the Turkish passport, allows entry to 77 countries without the need to obtain an entry visa (visa), In addition, the holder of this nationality obtains an entry visa upon arrival to 42 countries that are not included among the 77 countries, In addition to obtaining an electronic visa quickly upon entry to 6 other countries.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment:

  • The wife and children under the age of 18 obtain Turkish citizenship with the same investment value as the head of the family, without any increase.
  • There is no specific time for residency in Turkey for holders of this citizenship.
  • It is considered one of the least expensive ways when adding family members to citizenship, compared to other ways of obtaining residency that require high expenses in this aspect.
  • The investor is not required to declare the origins of his income and the sources of his funds, Unlike other types of accommodations.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment

There is more than one way to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, Which is summarized in the following ways:

  • Make a capital investment starting from $500,000 or more, and non-stop for 3 consecutive years, It allows obtaining citizenship after 5 years from the beginning of the investment process.
  • Deposit a sum of money starting from 500,000 US dollars and above in a Turkish bank and leave it inside the bank for 3 full years, At the end of the period, a statement in this regard is extracted and submitted to the department concerned with issuing the nationality to obtain it in the name of the applicant himself.
  • Purchasing bonds from the Turkish state with a financial value starting from 500,000 US dollars and not selling them for any reason for a period of 3 years, Then sell it after that, if the investor wishes, after obtaining citizenship and benefiting from its advantages.

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