Turkish passport price

سعر جواز السفر التركي

The Turkish passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world. Where it has advantages that distinguish it from others, so many people seek to obtain a Turkish passport, To be able to take advantage of the privileges granted to its holders, Where the holder can obtain Turkish citizenship, real estate investment, and purchase real estate with ease, The Turkish passport holder is also treated as a genuine Turkish citizen, as he enjoys all the rights enjoyed by a Turkish citizen. Therefore, many investors seek to obtain it in order to enjoy the advantages and rights that characterize the Turkish citizen, The holder of the Turkish Hawaz also has features that make him more willing to obtain it. It enables its holder to enter 77 European countries without the need to create a visa, and allows its holder to enter 22 Schengen countries without the need to create a visa. And other countries that allow them to enter their lands by establishing a visa at the airport without the long and tedious legal procedures, Some countries also allow its holder to enter their territories by creating an electronic visa. Therefore, the Turkish passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world, and its advantages make it more desirable by people, investors, tourists and others. In order to obtain and enjoy the rights and privileges that characterize it.

Turkish passport types

Turkish passport types vary, not all passports can be possessed by all people, meaning that there are special passports for some people or important and public figures, and some of them can be obtained by ordinary citizens. Therefore, the types of Turkish passports are as follows:

  • Turkish diplomatic passport, It is considered one of the highest passports in Turkey and is owned by people of high standing and high status as the head of state and his secretary, and parliamentarians, army generals, And the president of the court and other owners of high standing.
  • special Turkish passport, This is also considered among the highest passports and is granted to certain classes of people in the country and is granted to prestigious employers in the government such as university teachers and professors.
  • employee passport, It is a passport granted to state employees in particular, such as teachers and government professionals, and is also granted to consular employees abroad.
  • The general Turkish passport, which is the passport that all Turkish citizens obtain to be able to move and travel with ease.

These are the types of passports in Turkey. Each passport is intended for some people in terms of its strength.

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Turkish passport prices

The prices of passports vary according to their different types and the number of years the passport is valid. Each of the options, according to the number of years, has its own price. Therefore, when creating a passport, the number of years that the Turkish passport will remain effective is determined. Therefore, it is then extracted. The passport is renewed upon the expiry of the number of years for which it is extracted. Therefore, the price of the passport varies according to the number of years as follows:

  • Passport for six months 170 fees 62 book allowance.
  • One year passport priced at 44 fees + 132.62 book allowance.
  • A two-year passport is priced at 58 fees 132.62 book allowance.
  • Three-year passport priced at 96 fees + 132.62 book allowance.
  • Ten-year passport priced at 66 fees + 132.62 book allowance.

Accordingly, the price varies according to the number of years for which a person will obtain a passport. The higher the number of years, the higher the price. Therefore, when issuing a passport, it is necessary to specify the number of years during which the passport will remain in force and this law is followed in Turkey.

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