Apartments for sale in Uskudar Istanbul

شقق للبيع في اسكودار إسطنبول

Apartments are available for sale in the Uskudar district of Istanbul, Turkey. Where apartments in the Uskudar area are distinguished by their low prices compared to the rest of Istanbul, This is because Uskudar is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. The Asian side is always a city Istanbul is characterized by the presence of many apartments for sale on the annual or monthly system, All modern services are available in the apartments there. In addition to its proximity to all the vital facilities that a person needs during his daily life, Which makes the thought of leaving almost impossible.

Why should you look for apartments for sale in the Uskudar area

The person looking for apartments for sale in the cities of Turkey always asks why the Uskudar area is a good option for renting apartments and residing there permanently for a year or more, according to the tenant’s desire, In fact, the reason for this is due to the many advantages that distinguish the Uskudar area from other areas in Istanbul, Among these features are the following:

  • The Uskudar area is characterized by the fact that the apartments are close to all the vital facilities that a person needs in his daily life, such as: Popular markets, huge shops, Hospitals…etc.
  • Uskudar is a gateway connecting Asia with Europe. It is located in the Asian part of Istanbul. At the same time, it is possible to go to the continent of Europe through it, It also has the advantage of being the largest city that contains the monuments of the Ottoman Empire, a witness to the civilization of Islam at that stage.
  • Uskudar is also characterized by the proximity of the residential apartments to the beach of Uskudar, which is located in the city, as it is located near the Bosphorus Strait. It also has a lot of green spaces near the apartments, where you can spend a good time.

The advantages that are found in the apartments for sale in the Uskudar area

The apartments in the Uskudar area have many advantages that make it a reception station for foreign tenants and Turkish local residents always, and these features include the following:

  1. The apartments overlook the green spaces from everywhere around them, which makes the human soul feel reassured, happy, calm, comfortable and calm when living in that area because it is also far from the sources of disturbance and noise that exist in European Istanbul.
  2. There are many schools and universities in the Uskudar region, distributed as follows: 86 primary public schools, and 22 private primary schools, It also contains 186 public schools for intermediate education (preparatory stage), and 10 private schools for middle education, and 26 public secondary schools, and 23 private secondary schools, In addition to the presence of a public university, and another private university in the area.
  3. All apartments contain all the modern services that make life the highest degree of luxury when living in them. All the apartments there are newly built and equipped with all the necessary services to live in luxury and enjoy life, whether in the summer or in the winter. In the summer, there is air conditioning in the apartment rooms. In winter there is central heating in all apartments.
  4. The apartments in Uskudar are very close to sea and land transportation, The navy is stationed and located on the shore of the Bosphorus. Overland, including the Marmaray Metro, which connects the two sides of the Asian and European city of Istanbul with each other.
  5. There are medium-sized apartments, where the apartment area sometimes reaches 130 square meters and contains all modern features, some with furniture and others without furniture, Usually apartments that do not have furniture are rented by companies or institutions operating in Turkey to be their headquarters, whether it is a main headquarters or a subsidiary headquarters.

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