How to get a Turkish passport

كيفية الحصول على الجواز التركي

The Turkish passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. It is ranked 36th in the world. The Turkish passport allows entry to 77 countries without obtaining a visa to enter these countries. The Turkish passport allows foreign citizens to benefit from all the services that Turkey provides to its Turkish citizens inside Turkey, There is no difference between anyone who obtains a Turkish passport, And between the citizen The original Turk residing in his country, Both of them are treated equally and have their rights and the duties they must perform towards the state. Therefore, you must know all the ways that lead to obtaining this passport and choose the most appropriate way to obtain it.

The most important advantages offered by the Turkish passport to its holder

  • It is allowed to enter 77 different countries without the need to obtain an entry visa (Visa), And obtaining an entry visa immediately in the countries that must obtain an entry visa to their territories.
  • The Turkish passport allows its holder to obtain it along with other nationalities, whether it is the mother’s nationality or other nationalities.
  • Once the Turkish passport is obtained, any restrictions on the minimum length of stay are removed and its duration is completely open. The passport holder is treated like a Turkish citizen in terms of the right to permanent residence in Turkey.
  • The owner of the Turkish passport obtains all the rights of the employee’s retirement program if he works as an employee within a government or private department.
  • The Turkish passport holder has the right to participate in the elections and vote for the candidate he deems fit from his point of view, Like the Turkish citizen in this aspect.

Turkish passport types

  • Ordinary passport: It is the general passport that is usually given to all Turkish citizens, And foreigners can get it by investing in Turkey and buying an apartment or residential property there.
  • Green Passport: It is a special passport that is given to government officers or high-ranking officials of the Turkish government.
  • Gray Passport: This is a special passport that is only given to diplomatic officials.
  • Black Passport: It is a passport that is granted to Turkish officers who are working on assignments outside Turkey.

How can I get a Turkish passport?

There are many ways to obtain a Turkish passport that allows its holder to obtain Turkish citizenship as well over time and the application of its conditions, Among the ways that lead to obtaining a Turkish passport are the following:

  1. Buying a real estate or a residential apartment in any region of Turkey, the value of which starts from 250,000 USD and more, When this condition is met, the buyer can then obtain the Turkish passport and only have to wait for a period of up to 60 days as a maximum, With the need to follow up the necessary procedures to extract the passport.
  2. Deposit an amount of money as a type of insurance inside a Turkish bank, the value of which starts from 500,000 US dollars and more, and leave it as a deposit inside the bank for a period of 3 continuous years.
  3. Providing job opportunities for 100 Turkish people within an investment project that you are opening inside Turkey, whether it is a company, or a restaurant, or otherwise, When this condition is met, the holder is entitled to obtain a Turkish passport.

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