The stages of naturalization in Turkey

مراحل التجنيس في تركيا

The stages of naturalization and obtaining Turkish citizenship are important in Turkey, It cannot be given to someone who is randomly or arbitrarily diagnosed. The Turkish government sets strict laws and conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, Obtaining Turkish citizenship means that its holder is a citizen of the country. He has rights and duties towards the state and he must perform them.

The stages of naturalization are among the stages that usually take a long time to complete, so investors and those wishing to obtain them must be patient and meet all their requirements in order to be able to obtain them.

How can I obtain Turkish citizenship?

There are many ways that the state has established in order to obtain its citizenship, For tourists or others who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship, Also, these methods all lead to obtaining Turkish citizenship, Whoever wants to obtain citizenship must do one of the following:

  • Purchasing a residential property, house or apartment with a value of $250,000 or more.
  • Deposit an amount of 500 thousand US dollars or more in a Turkish bank, With the need to keep him there for three years or more.
  • Providing job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens and above by business investors, whether they own a company, a restaurant or another workplace in which they work.
  • Marriage of a foreign or Arab woman to a Turkish citizen, Or the marriage of a Turkish citizen to a foreign or Arab woman allows obtaining Turkish citizenship with ease.
  • Residing in Turkey for a full eight years, with no exit from it except for short periods not exceeding six months, The student will count the period of his university studies in Turkey, whatever its duration, and complete the residency for the remaining eight years to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Adopting a Turkish family for a foreign or Arab citizen until the age of 18, They are the so-called Balvasin.
  • A foreign or Arab citizen with Turkish origins must bring the necessary proofs in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • If a member of his family holds Turkish citizenship.
  • Granted on humanitarian grounds, as Turkey did with the Syrians.

The stages of naturalization in Turkey

In the process and stages of naturalization , a person must go through many steps that must be followed to obtain Turkish citizenship. These steps and stages necessary for this are as follows:

  • Obtaining the certificate that proves the amount of investment in the person who applied for Turkish citizenship, According to the following classifications:
  • Investors who have invested $500,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.
  • Investors who invested provide 50 job opportunities for Turkish citizens.
  • Investors who have invested by depositing an amount in a Turkish bank of 500 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Investors who purchase government bonds as much as $500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Investors who have invested by purchasing a share in the Real Estate Investment Fund with a value of not less than 500 thousand dollars.
  • Obtaining residency in Turkey.
  • Get Turkish citizenship eventually.

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