6 ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship is possible in several ways, In this article, We will look closely at how to become a Turkish citizen.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

Whether it is buying a property in Turkey, an investment, building a business, Moving a mall to Turkey, To work in a workplace with permission to work, or marry a Turkish citizen, family call, Having relatives who previously obtained Turkish citizenship, such as the father, or mother, or children, or siblings, Or to complete an education in Turkey.
In terms of public health there should be no linear disease, He must have good manners, He must also give confidence to his environment and his behavior in society, He must not have unwelcome bad habits that contradict the values of society.

He must be able to speak Turkish at a level that will enable him to adapt to social life.
The person must have an income or a profession to secure a living that is necessary to consider himself and his dependents in Turkey.
The person should not be in a position to endanger national security and public order.

Obtaining citizenship by decision of the National Authority

A foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, If he submits the conditions specified in the law, Turkey can grant its citizenship to him by a decision of the Ministry.
If you become a Turkish citizen by a decision of the National Authority, Your spouse’s nationality status will not change.
On the date of acquiring the citizenship of one of the parents, Children have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the consent of the other spouse.
If the other parent does not agree, The action is taken in accordance with a judicial decision of one of the parents’ settlement.
Children of both parents who acquire Turkish citizenship together will also get citizenship.
And if the children of parents who were not treated with them apply for Turkish citizenship after they become adults. The provisions of the article on general acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall apply to them.

Fulfilling the required conditions does not give an absolute right to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship in general

A foreigner who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship can, To become citizens of Turkey by a decision of the Ministry if they meet these conditions:

The applicant must have adult power and discrimination under the law of the country of citizenship, If he is stateless, He must have the authority of adults, and discrimination under Turkish Civil Code No. 4721.
Applicants must be persons residing in Turkey without interruption for five years prior to the application date.

A foreigner who has applied for citizenship can be found outside Turkey within a period not exceeding 12 months of the total residence time he wishes to submit.
The period spent outside the periods of stay in Turkey is assessed, The foreigner must confirm the behavior that decided to settle in Turkey.

Exceptionally, obtaining Turkish citizenship

Provided that there is no danger to national security or public order, The following foreigners may obtain Turkish citizenship on the proposal of the Ministry and a decision of the Council of Ministers.

Foreigners who supply Turkey with industrial factories, or have passed exceptional services such as the economic, social, sports, cultural, scientific, technological and artistic fields, or are expected to do so, They have been proposed by the relevant ministries.
Foreigners who hold a residence permit under the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, foreigners who hold a Turquoise Card, and their foreign spouses, minor children and dependents,
Foreigners who require naturalization.
The foreigners who accept these immigrants are linked to the descendants of Turkey, Turkish culture alone. or payments come to Turkey for stability, They are accepted aliens according to the Immigrant Settlement Law No. 5543.
With regard to national security and public order, The Ministry rejects the requests of those who have the condition that it constitutes an obstacle.
The Ministry of Interior undertakes the procedures for applying for exceptional citizenship and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship by investment

in 2018, The Turkish government has launched a new system for those who want to become Turkish citizens. According to this system, Turkish citizenship is granted to purchase real estate in Turkey with a value of at least 250.000 USD, Or invest at least $500,000 USD for 3 years to avoid touching the record you are making for foreign investment.
Those who invest at least $500,000 in fixed capital or employ 50 Turkish employees may also benefit from this system.

Turkish citizenship by marriage

A foreigner who marries a Turkish citizen cannot be a direct Turkish citizen.
For this, Must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years, And his marriage must continue.
Foreigners who meet these requirements can apply for Turkish citizenship.
The condition of living in the family unit.
The condition not to engage in any activity incompatible with marriage,
There should be no situation that may pose a danger to national security and public order.
In the event of the death of the spouse of a Turkish citizen after submitting the application, The requirement to live in a family union is not sought.

Turkish citizenship by adoption

A minor person who has been adopted by a Turkish citizen may obtain Turkish citizenship from the date of the official adoption decision, provided, however, that it does not constitute any danger to public order, Or national security.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship for citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who are applying for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, If they declare in writing their desire to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, They will get it.

The citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from those who subsequently acquired, The decision of the Republic of Turkey regarding the authorities examines the conditions required for obtaining citizenship.

blue card

A Blue Card is issued to people who are Turkish citizens by birth; But they lost their Turkish citizenship by obtaining permission to leave and their children who are traded together, At the request of foreign representative offices abroad, It is by the Directorate of Population and Provincial Citizenship of Turkey. Blue card holders enjoy the same rights as Turkish citizens unless they pose a threat to national security and public order.
However, Blue Card holders are not obligated to perform military service, And they have no right to choose, and candidacy to enter the general fee, and importing vehicles or household goods.
If they have obtained Social Security rights, is kept, and use them in accordance with the provisions of law.

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