Advantages of the Turkish passport

أهم ميزات الجواز التركي

The Turkish passport is among the most powerful passports in the world at the moment. Many foreign nationals want to obtain it and also want to reside in Turkey because of Turkey’s beautiful nature and great strength in the economic field, which made it the ideal place for investors from all over the world to come to, Which made there is a huge demand for the Turkish passport, There are many types of Turkish passport, but they all share many common features that distinguish the Turkish passport from other passports in the world.

Why the desire to obtain a Turkish passport and not others?

The category that most want to obtain a Turkish passport is the category of foreign investors who want to invest their money in buying real estate in Turkey, In addition, Turkey is considered the home of many civilizations that it has witnessed since ancient times. It contains archaeological sites dating back to the Byzantine era, places dating back to the Roman era, and places dating back to the time of the Ottoman Caliphate. In addition to the diversity of lifestyle in Turkey, there are areas located near the vital places in cities such as Istanbul, There are many places located near the seaside, In addition, Turkey is a bridge linking the continents of Europe and Asia, making it an unparalleled commercial and political center.

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Advantages of the Turkish passport

The Turkish passport has many advantages that make it distinct from the rest of the passports in the world, Among these features are the following:

  • Turkish passport with Turkish citizenship is processed in a short period of up to 30 working days.
  • The Turkish passport allows entry to more than 115 countries without a visa. In addition to entering about 26 Schengen countries.
  • There is no minimum residency in Turkey for a Turkish passport holder, he can reside in Turkey as a Turkish citizen.
  • It is ranked 39th among the passports of the developed countries of the world.
  • The Turkish passport holder can receive treatment in all public and private Turkish hospitals.
  • The Turkish passport holder can get all the retirement rights in the job in which he works just like the Turkish citizen.
  • Turkish passport holders can free education in Turkish schools while benefiting from university fee payment plans
  • Turkish passport gives the right to vote in Turkish elections to foreigners just like Turkish citizens.
  • Another citizenship can be obtained next to Turkish citizenship. Turkish law permits holding another passport next to the Turkish passport without restrictions.
  • The validity period of the Turkish passport is up to 10 years, with the possibility of renewing it for life without restrictions.

Turkish passport types

There is more than one type of Turkish passport, These types are:

  • Red passport (regular): It is the general passport that is granted to foreigners by investing in Turkey, In addition, Turkish citizens get it as well.
  • Green Passport: Only government officials get it, and high-ranking officers in the state.
  • Gray passport: State employees and journalists get it.
  • Black passport: State employees working in the diplomatic corps who represent Turkey abroad.

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