Best Passport 2020

الجواز التركي افضل جواز لعام 2022

best passport of 2020, The passport varies from country to country. Not all types of passports are of equal strength and value to the holder. There are types of passports that are definitely stronger and better than others. They are considered the best types of passports for the year 2020. It is a Turkish passport. This is due to several advantages that I will mention in detail in this article.

Best Passport of 2020:

Today we will mention the list of passports for the year 2020, But what is the best passport for 2020?! Let’s learn together:

First, Japanese passport:

The holder of this passport can, to travel to 191 countries around the world, Without the need for a visa or entry visa, Other Asian countries also include Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

Secondly, Singaporean passport:

This passport is no less important than the Japanese passport, as any person who carries it in his possession can travel to 190 countries around the world. Without resorting to obtaining an entry visa also, This is because Singapore supports international and diplomatic relations between these countries. It is worth mentioning in this context that Singapore has very strong diplomatic relations with the United States of America. They act as diplomatic and strategic partners in East Asia.

Third, Turkish passport:

This passport was rated as the best passport ever for the year 2020. And that a great motive for those looking for Turkish citizenship is to obtain only a Turkish passport, and take advantage of its advantages, and its high value, The Turkish passport has several advantages that make it the best passport for the year 2020, Among these features are the following:

First, It is among the passports that have been ranked globally:

This feature is one of the important features that make the Turkish passport one of the best passports for the year 2020. Where it is ranked globally according to the Henley index, It is interesting in this matter that this indicator recognized that it is possible for the holder of a Turkish passport to visit about 199 countries around the world, The evaluation is carried out on the basis of the number of countries or territories that the holder of the Turkish passport can enter. It is worth mentioning in this context that the Turkish passport was ranked 50th in the world a few years ago, However, he was able to progress deservedly until he became in the early stages in 2020, Thanks to the strength of Turkish tourism and the exaggerated interest on the part of the government in the air transport sector, This is in addition to the good relations between Turkey and its neighboring countries.

Secondly, Countries that the Turkish passport holder is allowed to enter:

What distinguishes the Turkish passport is the countries allowed to be entered by the holder of this distinguished passport, Where the Turkish passport holder is allowed to enter and travel to about 72 countries without the need for an entry visa to these countries, Travel to 40 countries is also allowed, but with an entry visa. It is issued from the same airport when the Turkish traveler arrives there. There are 8 countries that grant an electronic entry visa via the Internet, Among the countries that a Turkish passport holder can enter without a visa, Palestine, Iraq and Libya, Among the countries that grant visas at the airport are Indonesia, Guinea, Madagascar, Among the countries that grant visas via the Internet, such as Mexico and Australia, Senegal.

Third, The holder of a Turkish passport can apply for it directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship, and there is no need for a specific period of residence to obtain it.

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