Best places to buy real estate in Istanbul


Istanbul is the area where houses are mostly sold in Turkey, They make up approximately 22 percent of total annual home sales.


Buying real estate in Istanbul

Istanbul is the first choice for local and foreign investors, It is the center of major real estate projects and the real estate market is not lost here in Istanbul .

Investors should not rely solely on square meter prices in purchasing real estate, But they should also consider the development and growth of the region for short-term investment.

Investment housing sales continue rapidly in Istanbul, and Marmara region.

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Where should you buy a house to invest in Istanbul?

in real estate investments, The areas that attract investors a lot in terms of apartments for sale in Istanbul are Eyup and Göktürk.

Because of the Istanbul Canal project, which will start construction soon; The prices of housing, land and commercial real estate in Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Avcilar and Arnavutkoy are expected to increase significantly soon.

The increase in the population rate in the area, The possibility of receiving immigration in recent years is another advantage to consider when buying homes for sale from the owner.

In particular, The investments that will be planned on the Istanbul Canal and European coastal roads are the types of investments that are expected to increase in price by more than 25 percent per square meter.

As it is all over the world, The ‘stay at home’ calls continue in Turkey, too. In normal life, drastic changes occur due to the virus.

Since the process was not straightforward, Many people and organizations have switched to the home office style of work.

Changes in working life are also reflected in private life, We now prefer low-density homes, balconies, and gardens rather than central locations close to transportation.


Buying areas in Istanbul

Buying real estate in Istanbul with the intention of investing, it is better to go to places such as:

  • Beylikduzu.
  • Chattalga.
  • Silivri.
  • Tuzla.
  • Basak famous.
  • Famous celebrity.
  • koi whammy
  • Zakariakoy.
  • Kurt Coy.
  • and Kartal.

These areas are very popular with families looking for a separate or low rise lifestyle with gardens and open spaces.

In order to make the right real estate investment, Many different dynamics must be considered, In addition to mega projects, When projects such as malls, schools, and hotels are carefully analyzed, It will provide opportunities for profit in residential investment.


What are the things that home buyers need to know to invest in Istanbul?


Real estate investment is one of the best types of investment and it is guaranteed compared to all other types of investments, especially in Turkey thanks to the facilities and incentives provided by the Turkish government to those who wish to invest in real estate, whether citizens and foreigners, Making the real estate market a first destination for those wishing to invest in a secure and efficient real estate.

Istanbul has always been the first destination and the first choice for investment in Turkey, This is because it is a tourist destination and a city full of movement and life.

It is necessary to check the deed of the house and see if it is a property with a floor or a height, It is important that the land planned for purchase is located in an earthquake-secure area or where a water basin is available.

As well as focusing on knowing the difference between gross and net square meters, attention to social facilities, Infrastructure and knowledge of these differences.

It is good for you to turn to a specialist in investments or one of the real estate investment companies, Which has the full experience that will save you from falling into any unexpected future problems.

The most important tips when buying an apartment in Istanbul

  • Building characteristics: The age and location of the building plays an important role in choosing the right property or apartment. It is one of the main things to pay attention to.
  • Choose a location under development: Real estate in an area under development is gaining value within a short period, They are increasingly priced as time progresses and demand increases.
  • Avoid crowded areas: As crowded central areas are expensive, If you want to get a property with better features and lower price, Get away a little.

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