Buying an apartment in Istanbul is not impossible

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شراء شقة في إسطنبول

Istanbul, with its attractive coastal tourist interface, where many dream of buying an apartment in Istanbul, Where many foreigners and Arabs want to live in and live in Istanbul, Searching for a new start in their lives. This is not an expression. or a sentimental letter, This is a fact that is confirmed by the numbers and statistical data that prove day by day the increase in demand for housing in Istanbul, And increase the attachment of its residents to this state.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul

Buying an apartment in Istanbul and settling in and living in it has become the dream of many who are looking for comfort, as Istanbul includes more than one million foreigners out of about 15 million people residing in Turkey, “Turks and foreigners,” meaning that the percentage of foreigners in this state has reached 6.7% of the population. Overall, this percentage does not include residents without restrictions or tourists, which means that the percentage may increase much more than that.

The number of real estate sales in Istanbul increased during the past 8 years by foreigners, as the demand for the real estate market increased in the Turkish state, which has 18 million Turks and a diversity of cultures.

The number of real estate sales in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul obtained the largest share among Turks and foreigners in the volume of real estate sales in Istanbul, These numbers are increasing despite the wave of Corona spread in the country. Which reflects the strong desire to live in Istanbul, according to the statistics on the number of sales as follows:

the yearThe number of real estate sales in IstanbulPercentage of foreign sales in IstanbulThe percentage of Istanbul compared to the rest of the provinces
for the Turksfor foreigners
The first ten months of 2020223704144246.45%45.36%


Analysis on the statistics of the number of real estate sales in Istanbul

This table shows an analysis of the statistics of the number of real estate sales in Istanbul and talks about the increase in the desire to buy an apartment in Istanbul by foreigners, We note that the increase in the number of real estate sales to Turks between 2013 and 2019 amounted to only 2%

While the increase in Arab ownership of real estate in Istanbul during the same mentioned period amounted to an increase of 734%, which is a very large rate.

When we say that foreign ownership of real estate in Istanbul in 2013 represented only 04% of the total real estate sales within the state, But in 2019, this rate became 8.78%. We are talking about a very great demand for buying an apartment in Istanbul, Because buying a property in any place is the greatest evidence of the desire to permanently live there, or at the very least, Long term housing.

Where we note from the table a significant increase in Istanbul’s share of real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey, After Istanbul received only 09% of real estate sales to foreigners in 2013, It has become at least 45% of the total real estate sales in Turkey in the last three years.


Do you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul?

The desire to buy an apartment in Istanbul is not difficult, but it is within reach, as the prices of apartments in Istanbul vary according to services, transportation, and many different factors.

If you are seriously interested in buying an apartment in Istanbul, We salute you for your smart choice. You will keep the real value of your money away from fluctuating exchange rates, Your idea also contributes to the development of your money in the long and short term even, Also, with this option, you open the way for yourself to obtain real estate residency, and you can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth 250 thousand US dollars.

Settlement options in Istanbul

The options for settling in Istanbul vary according to the reasons for the arrival of foreigners and Arabs to Turkey, as foreigners tend to choose the places where they want to settle in Istanbul because there are wide and useful options for settling safely, Including buying an apartment in Istanbul, among these options:

  • Student and youth housing
  • hotel Apartments
  • buy villas
  • Accommodation for the purpose of tourism
  • Accommodation for the purpose of medical tourism
  • Buying an apartment in Istanbul

note: The options presented are not only encouraging for those wishing to live in Istanbul, Even those who want to buy an apartment in Istanbul in order to invest or buy a number of apartments, He finds in front of him these options that attract large numbers of customers and those wishing to live.

Residents of Istanbul

The number of foreign residents in Istanbul with legal residencies according to residence laws in Turkey has reached more than 557,000 residents. Out of one million and 100 thousand foreign residents across the country at the beginning of this year.

This means that 50.64% of foreigners residing in Turkey prefer to live in Istanbul over other Turkish states, according to statistics issued by the Immigration Department in Turkey.

In fact, this number tells many facts that cannot be overlooked. The idea of living in Istanbul is superior to all ideas of residence and settlement in any other Turkish state. It even outperforms the idea of residing in major European capitals.

Reasons for distinguishing the city of Istanbul

There are many reasons why you should buy an apartment in Istanbul, as Istanbul is distinguished from the rest of the Turkish states by many things that foreigners and Arabs prefer, including:

  1. The vitality of Istanbul
  2. Istanbul is a large and spacious city with many service and entertainment facilities that encourage a peaceful life
  3. The abundance of distinguished commercial malls and the pleasure of shopping in them
  4. The presence of diverse Arab communities in large numbers facilitates life in Istanbul
  5. The cost of living is low in Turkey, encouraging, especially Istanbul, when compared to the costs of living in Europe or other high-end countries of the world
  6. Provides job opportunities and jobs in many different fields, The number of work fields for foreigners has increased significantly during the last period, Especially job opportunities for Arabs
  7. The political and social stability that Turkey enjoys in general, This reflects on Istanbul, being one of the most important Turkish states.
  8. Many foreigners prefer to buy an apartment in Istanbul because of the diversity of transportation and transportation in Istanbul, which is characterized by its development and diversity, It is easy to move within the state away from the crowds, It provides a comfortable environment for daily commuting, whether for work, university, shopping or other purposes of transportation within Istanbul
  9. Distinguishing education in Turkish universities in Istanbul and the possibility of studying there by foreigners
  10. Turkish laws provide facilitation to residency, work and study in Istanbul.
  11. Entertainment and luxury.
  12. tourism.

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