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Investors often look for ways to help them buy an apartment for them in Turkey, The best and easiest way that they can follow in order to find an apartment suitable for them in the place they want to invest in is to go to one of the famous real estate markets or seek the assistance of companies specialized in buying and selling real estate in Turkey, Since the opening of the door for foreign investment in the field of real estate in Turkey, the commercial movement in this field has been enormous and unprecedented. Foreign investments in this sector increased and reached millions of dollars.

Why do foreigners like to buy an apartment in Turkey?

The main reason that foreigners invest in real estate and apartments in Turkey is due to their desire to invest and operate their money in this very vital area within Turkey in order to achieve continuous profits in this field by renting these apartments to tourists who want to spend enjoyable recreation times within Turkey. Turkey, Or for people residing for business and needing to rent these apartments.

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Huge statistics about buying apartments in Turkey

During the first half of 2019, the rate of residential apartment purchases jumped by 70% compared to the previous year, The sales of apartments purchased by foreigners amounted to 3 billion US dollars.

The nationalities of foreigners who purchased apartments vary. At the Arab level, the largest proportion of the purchase of an apartment in Turkey was for Iraqis, who purchased more than 8000 homes during the year 2019. Other nationalities included buyers from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Germany, Britain, Europe and its various countries.

What are the real reasons behind buying an apartment by foreigners?

There are many reasons why foreign investors buy an apartment in Turkey, Among these reasons are the following:

  • profitable exchange rate at the moment, Unlike 3 years ago, Whether their purchase is in US dollars or any other foreign currency, They buy the apartment they want and keep a good currency difference of the Turkish lira after completing the purchase.
  • Reducing the value needed to obtain residence in Turkey from one million dollars before 2018 to 250 thousand dollars made a huge demand by investors to buy apartments in Turkey.

Important tips when buying an apartment in Turkey

  • The residential apartments to be purchased must have the basic services necessary for a decent life for the people who rent them from electricity services and provide good water service without interruption, Sanitary services are working fine. etc of the basic services.
  • Provides maintenance services for the residential apartment within the residential complex in which it is located, Maintenance services also include the maintenance of swimming pools and keeping them clean at all times. It includes arranging and organizing landscaped gardens around the apartment, and gyms, and saunas.
  • The presence of a security guard for the apartment complex in which the apartment is located is very important and keeps the properties of the tenants inside the apartment without fear of being robbed.
  • Ensure that you know the amount of fees to be paid for the services of the shared facilities, which are paid annually, which are collected by the housing complex in which the apartments are located, All apartments have to pay, Owners who do not pay these fees can be sued.
  • The cost of apartments depends on many factors, The apartments located on the lower floors of the residential complex are less expensive than the apartments located on the upper floors. The location of the residential complex also controls the prices of apartments. The closer the residential complex is to the coastal places or the city center in which it is located, the higher the price of the apartments therein. The farther away from the city center and coastal places, the lower the price.

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