Buying real estate in Turkey through the real estate agent

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The real estate agent in Turkey is one of the people who will give you a lot of advantages, Especially if you are looking for the best ways to buy real estate in Turkey.

So that any investor in the world in any field seeks to reduce the risk of his investment.

This includes foreign investors who are thinking of buying real estate in Turkey for the purpose of investment.

so that their attention is focused primarily on style, Or the way that leads them to invest while avoiding making any mistakes behind real estate ownership.

Buying real estate in Turkey through the real estate agent

Rely on the use of a trusted real estate agent, Experienced in the real estate field, Turkish markets in particular. When you buy an apartment, or real estate of any kind, It is a reliable strategic plan in Turkey .

But do you know how investors can choose the best real estate agent here?, Do you have knowledge of the conditions that must be met by the selected person? What are the advantages that can be taken advantage of if you choose to purchase the property through a real estate agent?

A specific person or company is authorized, When an investor wants to buy a property in Turkey, The agency starts from the moment of choosing among real estate projects, To access services after the completion of the sale and ownership of the property.

This gave the step of hiring a real estate agent a very important step. For investors who don’t know much about Turkey, and ownership laws.

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Who is the real estate agent in Turkey?

The real estate agent in Turkey may be an individual, or a company and be responsible for all matters of the property purchase process, or sell it, Or even rent it.

In addition to his responsibility to manage real estate investment projects, and the marketing process for these projects, With all procedures observed, and legal measures, Starting with preparing the required papers and documents, Up to receiving the title deed of the property.

In addition to following up on the investor’s request for Turkish citizenship, If the property value exceeds $250,000, It is the condition that must be met if the foreigner wants to obtain citizenship in exchange for investing in Turkey.

The profession of real estate agent in Turkey has gained a wide reputation, as a result of evolution, The growth in real estate, The Turkish real estate market.

In addition to the government’s growing interest through the enactment of various laws and legislations, related to real estate ownership procedures in Turkey, What makes it easier for investors And their desire to move towards actually investing in the Turkish real estate market increased.

The real estate agent charges a specific percentage from the seller and buyer of the property. or landlord and tenant, or from any of the parties to the investment process, This percentage varies according to a range of factors related to the drug.

in general, The real estate agent gets between 4-6% of the property value. This is for companies that work in the real estate agency.

While individuals get 1-2% of the property value, in purchases.

With regard to what the real estate agent receives in return for the rental process, They are usually the amount of one month’s wages.

Duties of a real estate agent in Turkey

The tasks performed by the real estate agent in Turkey depend on the specialization, in general, be as follows:

  • A real estate buying agent in Turkey is responsible for buying the property in return for a specific percentage to be agreed upon with the investor.
  • real estate rental agent, he is either a person, or a private office, It starts with preparing a marketing plan. and then implement it, For those properties that are intended to be leased by their owners, This is provided that a specific percentage of the property owner is agreed upon.
  • A legal representative is responsible for following up on all measures, And the legal procedures that accompany the process of buying a property in Turkey, Through his interest in documentation matters for all required papers, and certified by the notary public.

Benefits of buying real estate through a real estate agent

It is recommended to hire a real estate agent by investors, or people who intend to search for a rental property, Whether it is for the purpose of housing, or work.

This is for the benefit of the property owner. and the beneficiary The use of a real estate agent has many advantages, The most important ones:

  • Extensive experience of real estate agents in the real estate field.
  • Save time when thinking about buying a particular property, By offering you various options based on their continuous experience, Knowing what is new in the field.
  • Saving Money, Because they are aware of a variety of discounts on real estate, which are given to them by real estate owners.
  • Enjoy a free tour to inspect the property, get to know him in reality, To choose the most suitable among the available properties.
  • Get accurate real estate and legal advice.
  • Familiarity with the real estate agent with all updates in the laws.
  • their knowledge of the Turkish language, Which makes it easier for you to communicate.
  • Reducing the risk of fraud in buying real estate Turkey, So that the agent, whether it is a company or a company, is licensed and follows a set of Turkish laws.

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