Buying real estate in Zeytinburnu, sea view and easy transportation

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If you are looking for comfort, stability and sophistication in Istanbul, you should buy real estate in Zeytinburnu, which has a charming sea view and many means of transportation and transportation in this high-end and distinguished city, where many Arab and foreign investors have succeeded in buying real estate in Zeytinburnu significantly in the last ten years.

Buying real estate in Zeytinburnu, sea view

Historically, Zeytinburnu was an independent town, or rather a small village with a modest area, until it joined the European section of Istanbul in 1957 to become an advanced region with advanced government services. As for its name, historically, the name of the Borno olive tree goes back to the name of the olive trees, where the Turkish citizens who are accustomed to planting olive trees in the area throughout the year were called, hence the name “Olive Borno.”

It also surrounds Zeytinburnu in Istanbul with many important administrative areas, as it is bordered to the east by the Fatih district, Bayrampasha district to the north, and Bakirkoy district to the west. As for the south, it overlooks the Marmara Sea, which played an important role in raising its real estate value as well as its concentration among many other Originally important administrative areas.

Advantages of buying real estate in Zeytinburnu

There are many advantages to buying real estate in Zeytinburnu:

  1. Zeytinburnu is about 17 to 20 minutes away from the former Ataturk International Airport, and although the airport has closed, it is now undergoing a transformation from an airport to the largest botanical garden in Europe. This reflects positive results mainly on Zeytinburnu.
  2. Zeytinburnu is a few minutes away from the famous Taksim Square, in addition to other important areas such as Besiktas, Fatih and others.
  3. The transportation also covers the corners of the area in an excellent manner, which is an attractive factor for anyone who wants to live or invest in Zeytinburnu.
  4. The spread of many huge shopping malls in its corners
  5. Excellent distribution of service and public utilities
  6. The spread of international schools and private and public universities in the region
  7. The presence of Bakirkoy sea port nearby
  8. Her charming supervision of the Marmara Sea is wonderful
  9. Its municipality, which provides it with a high level of basic and recreational services.
  10. And other specifications that make it a flamboyant investment.

Municipality of Zeytinburnu

With the accession of the Zeytinburnu region to the European Istanbul in 1957, its municipality was established, which provided and continues to provide hundreds of important services and executive projects, which aim to create a better Zeytinburnu over time. The most prominent services provided by the municipality are the transportation lines that it operates daily to cover the region and its surroundings.

Diversity of transportation in Zeytinburnu

It not only has a strong transportation node, but is a diversified center for all Istanbul’s connectors, making it an easy starting point and access to it through:

  • Subway: The subway line that passes from Zeytinburnu area contains about 20 stations, which reach many areas such as Basaksehir, Gaziosmanpasha and other important and central areas such as Bagcilar.
  • Metro Bus Line: The passage of the Metro Boss line from Zeytinburnu is a point in its favour, as it is the best means of transportation in Istanbul, which connects the East to the West and the European side to the Asian 24 hours a day.
  • Tramway: Also, the presence of the monorail is very important for Zeytinburnu, as the tram line connects to many important areas such as Sultanahmet, Beyazit and Eminonu.
  • Maritime transportation: Thanks to the presence of Bakirkoy port located minutes away from Zeytinburnu, sea transportation plays a very important role as it enables you to move inside and outside Istanbul
  • Marmaray Train: This sea train transports you from Zeytinburnu to the Asian side in just 15 minutes away from the congestion of bridges and transportation.
  • public buses: Thousands of buses are deployed daily in the Zeytinburnu region, with the aim of covering the region and linking it with neighboring regions and remote regions.
  • Dolmash: Between the folds of the neighborhood and the alleys that the aforementioned transportation does not reach, the minibus or al-Dulmash as it is called appears to pass through the various alleys and main and secondary streets in the area.

Real estate in Zeytinburnu

Real estate in Zeytinburnu is one of the areas in which foreigners and Arabs invest the most in Istanbul, Turkey, due to its sensitive location and its proximity to the city center. Istanbul.

It has witnessed a qualitative leap in the real estate market in recent times, through the construction of many residential and commercial towers throughout, as its supervision on the sea coast made it a goal and wealth in the eyes of foreign and Arab investors, real estate developers and other construction companies, which tended to establish many huge residential projects greed With its central location and its supervision on the Marmara Sea.

Thus, Zeytinburnu district has become attracting capital and attracting many investors around the world with the aim of searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul – Zeytinburnu.

Real estate prices in Zeytinburnu

As one of the areas located in the city center and according to all the factors mentioned previously, the Zeytinburnu area had many reasons that make real estate prices in it high compared to its peers from the administrative areas in Istanbul

Also, real estate prices in the Zeytinburnu area range between 12 and 18,000 Turkish liras per square metre, within its residential complexes that have adopted an elegant and distinctive style of construction, in addition to the luxury hotel services provided by most of those residential complexes in Zeytinburnu.

Therefore, we advise investors who are looking for stability, comfort and luxury to buy real estate in Zeytinburnu.

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