Conditions for traveling to Turkey

شروط السفر إلى تركيا

Conditions for travel to Turkey are many and varied, especially for 2020, Traveling to Turkey is the dream of all young people and even girls around the world, This is largely due to the geographical location in Turkey, which makes it distinctive in the eyes of many, In addition to the prosperous living and economic situation in Turkey for many other countries, Where there is stability and a high level of great luxury, These reasons are enough to make love for Turkey and stability in it and taking Turkish citizenship and thus trying as much as possible to travel to Turkey is a must, In order to be able to live and settle in Turkey, and enjoy all its services provided to its citizens alike, But travel to Turkey needs important conditions in order to be completed to the fullest.

Conditions for traveling to Turkey 2020:

Traveling in general to a place in the world requires a lot of fatigue, effort and wasted money. This is in addition to the impossible conditions set by countries to receive visitors and tourists on their lands. But I wonder, does Turkey keep this covenant, or does it differ in its terms, As for the rest of the countries that impose arbitrary conditions on the traveler, Among the conditions for travel to Turkey 2020 are the following:

  • First, The traveler to Turkey should apply for an electronic entry visa individually or as a family, According to the number of individuals who intend to travel to Turkish territory, Is it one person or the whole family?
  • Secondly, The Turkish government has granted a law that is impressive to many, It is that the traveler can use the electronic entry visas for business and tourism travel only.
  • Third, The Turkish government has developed the main websites on the Internet regarding the issue of obtaining electronic visas for travelers, In order to facilitate them, And also they can know if they can get the e-Visa or not, It is worth noting in this context that each person has his own electronic visa, Even infants registered on the parent’s passport should have their own e-Visa.
  • Fourthly, According to Turkish law and according to Article VII of the Turkish Constitution, The law relating to the protection of aliens and international protection, Every foreigner coming to Turkey must be in possession of an entry visa, or at least obtain an exemption from it, If the holder of a diplomatic passport is a passport valid for at least 60 days from the date of expiry of the residence permit or any document that replaces the passport, It is possible for a foreign tourist to be in possession of some conditions, depending on the nationality he holds. And he can know these conditions (if any) after choosing the nationality and the date of entry to Turkey when he submits the application.
  • fifth, The foreign tourist can know the value of the fees that are charged for the electronic entry visa.
  • Sixthly, The foreign tourist pays the price of the electronic entry visa with a Visa or MasterCard, or bank cards, It should be ensured that the card is compatible with the “3D Secure” system and is open for international payment.
  • seventh, Attention should be paid to this point. Which is when your e-Visa application is approved, You have to approve it within one hour only, and make the payment within 48 hours, Otherwise, the allotted time will expire. You are not booked.
  • eighth, The price of the e-Visa is not paid in any currency other than the US dollar, Even or you own a bank account other than the dollar currency, the currency is converted into US dollars with the calculation of the difference between the currency conversion.

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