Details of obtaining a work permit in Turkey

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A work permit in Turkey is a permit that gives foreigners an opportunity to work in Turkey.

It can be obtained from the Ministry of Labor, and social security, This residence contributes to the benefit, And benefit from many advantages for the individual who obtains them in Turkey.

One of the most important advantages that he obtains is that he can obtain a suitable and legal work for him.

What makes it necessary for a person looking for work in Turkey to apply for a work permit, Is that the law in Turkey prohibits employment by any foreigner without obtaining a work permit.

Residence work in Turkey

Foreigners are granted the right to work according to Turkish law, By obtaining a residence permit to work in Turkey, It is permission to work.

The Ministry of Labour, And Social Security are the competent authorities in this regard.

Permissions are issued to work, According to the requirements of the labor market in Turkey.

Work permit in Turkey is one of the most important types of residence permit that foreigners seek to obtain in Turkey.

It is given to people who would like to work in one of the Turkish establishments.

It provides the person with a good job opportunity on the territory of Turkey, It also gives him all the advantages, which is to facilitate his obtaining a visa from other countries, In addition to obtaining Social Security, and health insurance.

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Advantages of obtaining a work permit in Turkey

  • Enjoy the freedom of exit and entry to and from Turkey with ease, There is no need to apply for a visa again.
  • enjoy minimum wages, wages in Turkey If you work for one of the companies.
  • Apply for a Schengen visa, with ease; in order to enter the European Union.
  • A person can obtain a residence permit that includes all family members.
  • the possibility of applying for citizenship, Five years after the person obtained a work permit, With not leaving for a period of not less than 6 consecutive months.
  • Ease of enrolling children in public educational schools and universities, And it’s free.
  • Obtaining health insurance by taking advantage of the full government hospital discount, As well as private hospitals with 75% or more, This health care may include all family members who hold residency.

Ways to obtain a work permit in Turkey

First of all, the person is supposed to obtain a tourist residence in Turkey, In order for him to obtain a work permit in Turkey, The work permit includes the owners of companies, their partners, employees, It is desirable for the person to obtain a work permit, whether he holds temporary residence, or not.

Here in a nutshell, The ways in which you can apply for a work permit in Turkey:

The applicant must be an employee of a Turkish company

The owner of the company can apply in order for his foreign workers to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

This is through the employer. The worker himself is not entitled to apply for a work permit, It is necessary for the employer to meet some conditions, Which:

  • That the capital of his company reaches one hundred thousand Turkish liras.
  • That the company pays all the fees required of it to the state, like insurances, or taxes.
  • That the company is based on the policy of employing ten Turkish workers, In return for hiring 1 foreign worker.
  • That the company is keen to employ five Turkish workers, In exchange for one Syrian worker.

The work permit is issued within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of submitting the application.

Establishing a company in Turkey

The owners of companies and in accordance with Turkish law, They are not obliged to follow a policy of hiring Turkish workers in return for hiring workers of other nationalities.

The owner of the company can also obtain a work permit in Turkey, in Turkey with ease, After completing the establishment of the company.

Papers and documents required to obtain a work permit in Turkey

When you need to apply for a work permit in Turkey , You need to prepare a set of documents, documents, These papers differ somewhat if the applicant is the worker. or the owner of the company.

Papers and documents required from the foreign worker

  • 2 clear personal photos
  • A copy of the passport, translated and certified by a notary public.
  • The last university degree translated and certified by a notary public.
  • An employment contract between the company and the worker.
  • The social status of the individual.
  • Residence address.
  • Residency applicant email or other means of communication.


Papers and documents required from the owner of the company

  • A special document bearing the amount of the company’s capital, Which is not less than one hundred thousand Turkish liras, or more, After obtaining special certification by a sworn financial accountant.
  • Company registration number.
  • A document relating to profits for a period of one year preceding the date of applying for a work permit, Provided that it is extracted from the Turkish Tax Department.
  • The commercial document of the company’s activity.
  • Company tax card.
  • A power of attorney document from the company manager from the Noter office.
  • A sheet showing the company’s activities.
  • Application document for obtaining a work permit in Turkey, Bear the signature of the owner of the company.

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