Documents required for naturalization in Turkey

الأوراق المطلوبة للجنسية تركيا


Obtaining Turkish citizenship requires obtaining the required papers, And then submit this request to the competent authorities in Turkey, It is not possible to obtain citizenship without taking all these steps, These steps were set by the Turkish government regarding foreigners And Arabs wishing to reside in Turkey for a long period of time, As Turkey has become one of the advanced economic countries, it has attracted investors from all over the world to invest their money within their lands. Therefore, all foreigners seek to obtain Turkish citizenship in all available ways

What is naturalization?

Naturalization is a term given to a person or group of persons who have acquired the citizenship of a country to which they have traveled for the purpose of permanent residence and settlement, just like the citizens of those countries. In addition to retaining the nationality of their country of origin, All countries of the world grant their citizenship to foreigners residing on their lands according to certain conditions and papers they request from foreigners. In addition to going through many The necessary procedures for obtaining citizenship, With the payment of a small fee in order to extract it, Among the countries that grant citizenship to foreigners and Arabs residing on its territory is the Republic of Turkey. Which is characterized by a lifestyle that combines antiquity and modernity at the same time, With the many types of climate in it, which helped it to be the focus of attention of Arabs and foreigners at the same time, and everyone raced to obtain its nationality.

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Documents required for naturalization in Turkey:

The naturalization process in Turkey requires many papers required to prove the identity of the person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship and residency within Turkey for a period of time, perhaps for several years, In general, these documents include:

  • A special paper called Vat-3 is obtained from the place designated for applying for Turkish citizenship.
  • A certified copy, translated into Turkish, of the passport of the applicant for citizenship, In the event that he does not have a homeland or a passport that shows his country exactly, he must prove this matter in the manner he finds appropriate to the competent authorities.
  • A sheet containing all the personal information of the applicant certified and translated by a Turkish notary.
  • A document containing the applicant’s civil status certified and translated by a Turkish notary, It is indicated whether he is married or not. With the presentation of all documents for the wife and children in case he was married.
  • Bring a medical report indicating that it is free of diseases that cause infection and pose a danger to society.
  • Turkish language proficiency certificate to the extent that helps him to integrate with society, In the event that it is not available, he must enroll in Turkish language courses and obtain Turkish language completion certificates. And then return to apply for citizenship again.
  • A document for obtaining a work permit is submitted to the authorities concerned with issuing Turkish citizenship, Which highlights his ability to support himself and work properly and confirms that he is free, physically and mentally, of any disabilities that prevent him from completing the work as required..
  • Bring a document showing the birth of children outside Turkey under the age of 18, certified and translated by a Turkish notary, In the event that these children are born inside Turkey, it is sufficient to present the birth certificate obtained from the hospital, In addition to the birth certificate obtained from the Department of Souls.
  • The applicant for Turkish citizenship must have obtained a residence permit for at least 3 years starting from the moment of submitting an application for citizenship, With a copy of each page of the residence permit inside the residence book, all of them are certified by the Turkish notary.
  • In the event that the person applying for citizenship is punished, he must present the penalty decision document issued by the court competent to issue the penalties.

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