Esenyurt is a successful investment and real estate future

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If you want to buy a property or an apartment in one of the neighborhoods of Istanbul, We advise you to buy an apartment in Esenyurt, the neighborhood that has grown significantly in recent years after the large investment and real estate projects and the huge population growth witnessed in this neighborhood, As investors and capital owners in the Arab world rushed to invest their money in the Esenyurt area, buy real estate in the area and build investment projects in this growing neighborhood.

Esenyurt is a successful investment and real estate future

Esenyurt is a successful investment and real estate future for many investors looking to invest in Turkey, Esenyurt neighborhood enjoys many privileges, advanced and large infrastructure, and many diverse services, as the Esenyurt district is no less important than the rest of Istanbul’s city districts and neighborhoods.

  • Old Esenyurt: In the early nineteenth century, a large settlement was established on land belonging to the Ottoman ruler, Ekrem Ömer Paşa. Which he lived in and took as his headquarters… In 1967, its residents changed its name to “Esenyurt”.
  • Esenyurt location on the mapEsenyurt is located on the western side of the European city of Istanbul, and it belongs to the municipality of Esenyurt, which was established in 1989. It is bordered on the east by Avcilar district and Küçükçekmece Lake, and on the west by Buyukcekmece district. On the north side of the Esenyurt district is the Basaksehir and Arnavutkoy district, where The new Istanbul airport, “the largest airport in the world,” is located on the south side, bordered by Beylikduzu.
  • Esenyurt space: Esenyurt is one of the major areas in Istanbul, as it spans an area of approximately 4800 hectares, according to statistics published on the Esenyurt Municipality website recently.

The advantages of Esenyurt area

Esenyurt has many advantages and an investment value that is no less than the residential and investment areas in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

  1. The passage of the main roads from Esenyurt

Buying a property in an area where the most important highways pass is in itself a smart investment, While the Esenyurt region includes many main roads such as the link line (Bağlantı yolu) as it is called, Which in turn connects the TEM main road to the E5 motorway, which serves as the artery and backbone of the city of Istanbul.

  1. Esenyurt is one of the new districts of Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its old neighborhoods scattered throughout its east, as most of them are tourist areas and important attractions for the city. But what is interesting is that the Turkish government has moved a while ago and until today to revive the new areas of Istanbul, and what is meant by the new Istanbul is the other parts of the city such as the south, north and west

While it continues to support its infrastructure by providing it with many important service facilities, in addition to working on the establishment of huge projects and various transportation and other aspects of development and modernity, Esenyurt is one of the new areas of Istanbul, which has recently received a share of support by starting to work on several huge projects, the most important of which are: The subway network, which is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

  1. Modern transportation in Esenyurt

Esenyurt was distinguished by the modernity of transportation and the availability of many means of transportation in the neighborhood. The municipality of Esenyurt operates dozens of roads and lines equipped with thousands of buses daily, with the aim of meeting the needs of the region and citizens. Transportation in the Esenyurt area constitutes a strong knot starting from the metro bus line that passes from its far south and east, which is a means Transportation is the best and fastest in the city, while allowing its passengers to move between the two parts of the city with ease and safety, in addition to shortening the time through a special road that it does not share with regular cars.

There is also the double-decker bus (D76), which gives you the ability to move from Esenyurt to the famous Taksim Square in record time and comfortably, We also cannot forget the public buses that travel long distances at acceptable prices, in addition to the dalamesh or the minibus, that is, that small vehicle with a limited range, because its role is to move between the side alleys that other transportations do not reach.

  1. Record drop in real estate prices in Esenyurt

If you want to own a new apartment, a house, or a property within an integrated residential project at a low price, you must go to the Esenyurt neighborhood to buy an apartment away from the high prices, or if you have the desire to invest in a property with an acceptable capital… you must head to the Esenyurt area.

Esenyurt is a successful real estate and investment future. Yes, because the prices of real estate and apartments are very low, as the prices of real estate within the residential complexes located in the Esenyurt area are rather average, Compared to real estate prices in other areas of Istanbul, because it is still new and its development is still in progress, and once the issue of development ends, real estate prices will undoubtedly double within it.

Many questions about living in Esenyurt?

Many families who dream of residing and residing in Turkey wonder about living in Esenyurt, and many Arabs are currently residing in this area for several reasons, especially after answering their many questions, including:

  • Is Esenyurt area good for living and stability?

When your area in which you despair provides you with all the basic services and entertainment facilities, in addition to all the service facilities, You are really in a good housing environment, As is the case in the Esenyurt area, which has a very good infrastructure, which has been proven by the spread of many huge shopping malls throughout, in addition to containing its independent university “Esenyurt University”.

International schools are also spread excellently in many of their areas and other hospitals, cultural and recreational centers, which are the best proof of the quality of their structure.

  • Does Esenyurt have cultural facilities and public services?

Yes, in Esenyurt, there are many cultural and entertainment centers and modern and distinguished public parks, which are popular with the public and the people. Esenyurt is one of the residential areas that embrace many cultures, as it constitutes a mixture of Arab and Turkish residents, because it is one of the areas that attracts foreigners from around the world, considering that it A distinctive area that contains many cultures that suit its current residents and newcomers, in addition to containing many local and international restaurants and shops of high quality.

On the other hand, the Esenyurt area contains two centers for culture and annual and monthly events, as well as two of the largest parks in the city, such as Erdogan’s Park and Martyrs’ Park.

  • Are apartment prices in Esenyurt low?

The prices of small apartments in some parts of Esenyurt reached about 25 to 30 thousand US dollars. Thus, the aspirations of Arab and foreign investors to invest in Esenyurt became, This made the Esenyurt area a distinguished choice in all aspects, whether it was an investment or a residential one.

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