How to buy a property in Turkey

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العقار في تركيا

Buying a property in Turkey, One of the things that a lot of people pay attention to, There are many ways to buy real estate in Turkey, Real estate in Turkey is very important, especially for foreign citizens. This is because it gives them a sense of stability and security and gets rid of the feeling of movement and travel. and help them obtain multiple types of residence permits in Turkey, From work accommodation and tourist accommodation.

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How to buy a property in Turkey:

Buying real estate in Turkey is one of the most important things in Turkey in general, Everyone loves to buy real estate, whether to live or invest in Turkey. Where the stage of buying real estate in Turkey was classified as being equal to food and drink at the same level, This is because of its great importance in obtaining what one wants psychologically and physiologically. One of the best ways to buy real estate in Turkey, the following:

First, Nominate a specific property or apartment on websites dedicated to buying real estate of all kinds.

Secondly, Of course, if you are a foreigner who is not in Turkey and you select the apartment you want to buy and own in Turkey, The concerned authority responsible for the location from which you chose the apartment will receive you with a warm welcome at the airport to take you to the location of the apartment you have chosen via the Internet.

Third, After the approval of the person concerned and interested in buying the apartment in terms of location, space and all the details of the apartment or property in general, The legal procedures are immediately initiated as follows:

The buyer obtains a tax number from the relevant tax department.

An account is opened for the buyer in one of the banks, which is agreed with these banks to become primary banks allied with the banks of the Middle East, and among these banks is Ziraat Bank, and cultivations of an Islamic bank.

The contract is signed between the seller and the buyer in the company’s office and sometimes a lawyer is appointed to guarantee some rights for both parties.

The title deed of the property shall be attached with the primary contract. And be in the name of the owner of the site on the contract.

A copy of the project building permit and two personal photos of the buyer should be added. A translated, certified and official copy of the buyer’s passport, A copy of the identity card of the seller, A part of the property value is paid as a deposit to reserve the property.

The procedures for registering the apartment in the name of the buyer take about 30 to 60 days. This is because they send documents to the security departments of the Turkish army to obtain security approval.

After obtaining security approval from the Turkish army, The buyer is summoned to go urgently to the real estate ownership department in order to complete the property registration duly by the state employee and in the presence of a very special translator who will translate and explain to you the terms of the contract, He is fluent in several basic languages, including Arabic and English.

The title deed and the key to the purchased property or apartment shall be delivered. This is provided that the real estate consultant is present from the company from which you purchased the property online, The rest of the real estate value has been transferred or delivered in conjunction with the transfer of ownership of the real estate.

It is worth mentioning in this context that if the buyer cannot come to Turkey for any reason, He can make a power of attorney. The private company from which you chose the property online, Or for those who wish to have a friend or brother in Turkey, He can make a power of attorney through the consulates of his country of origin. Authorizing this person or company concerned to buy the apartment or property you want, And send the agency to the client in Turkey to complete the procedures for receiving your property with success.


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