Investing in real estate in Turkey: questions and answers

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Investing in real estate in Turkey is one of the aspirations of foreign and Arab investors in the countries of the world, But they are afraid of investing and falling into loss, and this view is due to the misunderstanding of the real estate market in Turkey and their failure to understand the Turkish real estate market correctly and without knowledge and knowledge about real estate investment in Turkey. Real estate in Turkey

Investing in real estate in Turkey

Many investors wonder about the success of real estate investment in Turkey, Through the purchases of apartments in Turkey, as the real estate market in Turkey is very large, There are dozens of success stories achieved by many Arab and foreign investors in the Turkish lands, which brought them more great profits and sales of apartments, villas, or any property. Where a type of investor bought lands and built projects and residential complexes on these lands. He named it and promoted it, and it brought him great profits. And some of them invested their money in buying apartments within the complexes and entered the buildings and offered them for sale.

Yes, investing in real estate in Turkey, especially in the Turkish government’s great support for the real estate sector and providing many privileges and facilities to investors, the latest of which is the Turkish Nationality Law and the amendments it received, Every year, Turkey greatly supports the real estate sector, and this is a great encouragement for investors to come to Turkey.

Where the countries of the world witnessed remarkable growth in all areas of the real estate sector, The main reason for this is due to the continuous increase in the population. Consequently, the needs of individuals and companies expand and multiply. In addition to this, the economic and financial renaissance that was monitored in a number of countries, Which reflected positively on the recovery of work in the real estate field.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most attractive real estate markets in the world for investors. Even if this is accompanied by fluctuations in the price of the Turkish lira due to the influence of various factors, Because Turkish real estate prices remain attractive and attractive to investors, Because of its competitive price in other countries, And due to the diversity of the Turkish real estate market, which began to witness a classification of areas described as essential for real estate investment, Like: Istanbul and the nearby areas and the areas bordering the Black Sea, And areas that may be described as secondary, which are those cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the south of the country, In which prices are generally cheaper than in Istanbul and its surroundings, and the advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey:

  1. Turkish real estate has proven its resilience to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira. We mean that real estate in Turkey will not be affected by the rise and fall in exchange rates, due to the issuance of the law on pricing real estate in Turkey in the Turkish lira and moving away from any other currency, thus preventing any negative impact of the exchange rate in Turkey’s real estate .
  2. One of the advantages of buying a property in Turkey is also the low taxes in Turkey, the most important of which is the exemption of the foreign investor from the value-added tax resulting from the purchase of property in Turkey, which greatly contributed to the revitalization of foreign investment in the Turkish real estate market.
  3. Granting Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey is one of the most important advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey. It is renewed annually. Real estate residency is granted to the investor and his family of children under the age of 18 and the wife as well.
  4. The tourist characteristics that Turkey possesses because it contains tourist and archaeological places that are visited by millions of tourists every year, and its nature and its moderate climate are distinguished from other countries.
  5. Many real estate professionals advise putting money in the real estate market because real estate investment remains profitable despite the bad economic conditions.
  6. One of the safety methods that a foreign investment in Turkey will obtain when buying a property in Turkey is the officially recognized real estate appraisal document. This document guarantees the investor to obtain an appropriate price for the property without falling into the price discrepancy that the real estate investor may fall into.
  7. Relative stability in all areas of life compared to neighboring countries, and do not forget the laws issued by the Turkish government and the facilities for foreigners when buying real estate in Turkey.

What does Turkey offer to real estate investors?

Turkey offers real estate investors on its territory a lot of privileges and facilities, which has increased the demand for investors around the world to invest in real estate in Turkey, as it is considered one of the best countries in the world for real estate investment, Where the Turkish government linked the granting of Turkish citizenship to owning a property on reduced terms, Which was considered a strong motivator, especially for those coming from unstable countries, To buy real estate in Turkey, Even if this is accompanied by an increase in real estate prices, This means that the demand for real estate in Turkey will continue despite all circumstances.

Turkey also enjoyed a strategic location that made it a global center for tourism and real estate investment. It holds a position for itself between the continents of Europe and Asia. It rests on the shores of four seas: (Marmara Sea, the mediterranean sea, and the Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea), Its area is 783,562 square kilometers. gave it a climatic diversity, beautiful nature, and enchanting beauty, To be a tourist country par excellence.

Real estate investment returns in Turkey

Based on the foregoing of Turkey’s eligibility, And its worth for real estate investment, so the honorable follower may ask about the expected profits when buying a property in Turkey, In order for our information to be complete in this regard, two things must be mentioned:

O no: Care should be taken to purchase the property at a competitive price for similar properties. and then taking great care of the issue of investing it in an optimal way; that: rent it at a reasonable rate, Or sell it better than its price at the time of purchase.

For this point, we advise the honorable follower to benefit from the advice of Imtilak Real Estate Company, Which shows a willingness to present it through all stages of real estate investment in Turkey.

Secondly: Some experts estimate an approximate return on real estate investment in Istanbul annually, at 12% of the total property value, In some areas, it may reach up to 20% of the property value per year.

The future of real estate investment in Turkey

Many experts in the real estate sector expect that the future of real estate investment in Turkey is going to double prosperity. It was predicted according to the coordinates, the architectural and residential renaissance, the great government support for the real estate sector in Turkey and the great facilities provided to investors, as the real estate sector in Turkey is growing significantly year by year despite the challenges and big problems .

Despite the factors we have presented that highlight the superiority of real estate investment in Turkey, However, some who wish to invest in real estate raise many questions and doubts about the future of the real estate market in Turkey in light of the global financial crisis. The depreciation of the Turkish lira.

In fact, these fears are legitimate. But what may remove it is our knowledge of the positive impact of the depreciation of the lira on those coming from outside Turkey, The prices will be low for him. Moreover, the steadfastness of the real estate sector in Turkey in the face of successive financial and political crises, It makes those fears fade away.

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