Investing in Turkey for many reasons and areas

الاستثمار في تركيا

Investing in Turkey for many reasons and areas

Capital owners and businessmen in the Arab world prefer to invest in Turkey in many different fields, as Turkey is one of the best countries to invest in the region, The volume of investments in Turkey increased significantly, especially in the field of real estate investment, which jumped to a record after foreigners and investors in the Arab world turned to real estate investment in Turkey.

What are the areas of investment in Turkey

There are many fields of investment in Turkey due to its diversity and the strength of the Turkish economy. One of the most prominent areas of investment in Turkey is the field of real estate investment in Turkey. We have explained to you the number of investment fields in Turkey, including:

  • Agricultural investment in Turkey: Turkey is superior to many countries in the field of agricultural investment, as 65% of the world’s hazelnut production is sourced from Turkey, in addition to 85% of the apricot production in the world is sourced from Turkey, Turkey outperforms Europe as a whole in animal production.
  • Animal investment in Turkey: the most prominent of these is investment in cow and calf farms, where Turkey consumes large quantities of meat at the level of the region and the world, It is the richest meat-producing country in the region. Followed by Iran and Sudan.
  • Investing in renewable energy in Turkey: This is what many people do not know about Turkey in the field of investment, as investing in renewable energy and selling electricity actually exists in Turkey, but Turkey produces its energy by burning coal, which led to a major pollution in the environment, so the country resorted to producing alternative energy through solar energy farms the wind, It is through the energy of dams and water movement.
  • Commercial investment in Turkey: Foreigners and investors can use their money in commercial investment, where you can work in the commercial field by importing all Turkish goods such as electrical machinery, clothing and textiles, But you have to make sure that you are able to ship your goods well and at an appropriate price, and the ability to dispose of what it imports, Ensure the quality and integrity of the source so as not to tamper with the goods you offer.
  • Tourism investment in TurkeyYou can work in the tourism field in Turkey by opening a company that provides tourism services to Arab and foreign tourists. Approximately 15 million tourists of various tourist nationalities visit Turkey annually, spending nearly $9 billion on tourism services such as transportation, hotel services, food, gifts and treatment services By opening a tourism company that organizes trips and provides various tourist services, you can take advantage of the tourist seasons in Turkey.
  • Real estate investment in Turkey: It is one of the most prominent areas of investment in Turkey, where many Arab and foreign investors flock annually to invest their money in the real estate field. Hundreds of thousands of apartments were sold to many investors, where water and soil are turned into money. In 2017, more than one million housing units were sold. , This indicates the domestic market’s appetite for purchase and its need for more real estate.

What are the reasons for investing in Turkey

Why do we advise you to invest in Turkey? Because Turkey has made great progress in the investment fields and has become a difficult number in investment projects, especially after starting the 2023 vision projects that the Turkish government is working on, most notably the Istanbul Water Canal and the new Istanbul Airport and many residential, agricultural and industrial projects, which encouraged the movement of agricultural, real estate and industrial investment in Turkey Which is one of the best countries in the world for investment, and whose economy is developing day by day.

Some people wonder about the secret of choosing Turkey to invest in it, even though an individual can invest in his country successfully, But Turkey has several advantages that make it a distinguished country for investment.

What are the advantages of free zones in Turkey

There are many advantages that distinguish Turkey in the free zones, including:

  1. Providing companies and factories with 100% corporate tax exemptions.
  2. 100% exemption from customs duties and the like.
  3. Exemption from value added and special consumption tax.
  4. Full real estate tax exemptions.
  5. Obtaining exemption from tax on profits and corporate tax for some logistics services provided that they are an export front.
  6. Exemption from income tax at 100% on employee wages for companies whose exports reach 85% of the FOB value of goods for an unlimited period.
  7. You can keep the goods in the free zone for an unlimited period.
  8. Profits can be transferred from the free zone to Turkey or abroad without restriction.
  9. Exemption from title deeds fees when acquiring and selling property.
  10. Exemption from value-added tax during the design, construction, settlement and issuance of approvals and approvals.
  11. Well-equipped infrastructure, exempt from value-added tax and other taxes.
  12. Import permit for used machinery.

Turkey’s soaring economy

The Turkish economy continues to rise dramatically in light of the large investments in Turkey and the huge projects carried out by the Turkish government, As Turkey opened the door to investment in Turkey in all fields, the GDP increased more than three times to reach 800 billion US dollars in 2014, After it was $231 billion in 2002.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute: The growth of the economy is very stable in Turkey due to the annual rate of GDP, which averaged 4.7% growth between 2012 and 2014, Turkey is also the sixteenth largest economy in the world and the sixth largest in the European Union in 2013, It has a vital private sector with exports of 158 billion US dollars. an increase of 250% from 2004 to 2014.

Infrastructure in Turkey

Turkey has a strong and huge infrastructure with advanced high technology in all the things needed by a successful investment from transportation, telecommunication, advanced marine transportation facilities and characterized by its low cost.

  • They have the distinction of transporting goods by rail to Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Paved transport routes that connect them to most of the European Union countries.
  • Turkey is a corridor for energy transfer to Europe
  • Turkey is working to connect the West with the East, as it is located between more than 70% of the world’s proven primary energy reserves. And the first consumer of energy, Europe, sticks to it, and Turkey remains the link between all parties.

What are the benefits of real estate residence in Turkey

Real estate residence in Turkey has several advantages for the property owner and the apartment buyer, the most prominent of which are:

  1. Granting the owner’s family what is known as family residence, depending on the fact that he holds the investor’s residence in Turkey, The residence shall be under his auspices as the owner of the property.
  2. Real estate residency is stronger than tourist residency.
  3. The maximum renewal is two years. While the tourist stay is for a maximum period of 6 months.
  4. Real estate residence in Turkey is the security if you decide to determine the length of stay because whoever owns the property provides you with your residence.
  5. It qualifies you to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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