Investment opportunities in the Basin Express in Istanbul

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The Basin Express area is one of the investment opportunities in the first choice for investors in Istanbul .

The geographical location of Albasin Express

It is located in the line connecting the E5 road and the TIM International Road, with a length of 8 km; Where to the north is the Mall of Istanbul, To the south, Ataturk Airport, Which turns into a large park, exhibition cities and entertainment centers.
If we continue to the far north, we will reach the Basaksehir area and the new Istanbul Airport.
Maslak and Sisli are the economic center of Istanbul; In view of the severe congestion in these areas and the high rate of prices, the Basin Express line has become the alternative economic center for those areas.
And it became the new destination for investors, and the Basin Express line is considered the heart of European Istanbul.
Administratively, it follows the Basin Express line to three municipalities, She is Bagcilar, and Bahceli Evler, And Koshak Chekmeje, which makes it benefit from the various services of these municipalities.

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Vital centers and important facilities in the Basin Express

  • The Turkish state is increasing the development of this region in particular from all sides, and the three municipalities are competing with each other to provide the best services and various facilities..
  • There are more than twenty international and local hotels in Elbasin Express with 4-5 star styles, including J Rotana, Pullman, Holiday Inn, Elite World, and Retaj..
  • There are several public and private universities in the region or close to it, such as the University of Altınbash and Kultur and Eden.
  • There are many international and local schools, such as the Iraqi International Knowledge Schools, Al-Fayez International Schools, Al-Aqsa Schools and Al-Safir.
  • There are many malls, whether within this line or close to it, such as Mall 212, Mall of Istanbul (the largest mall in Istanbul) and Arena Mall.
  • Most of the local and international banks have branches in the region.
  • In addition to all of the above, there is also the CNR (the fairgrounds) and the gold and goldsmiths market.

-Because of the activity of this region in all respects, many local and international companies and agencies have taken headquarters and branches in this region, such as Mercedes, Google, Adidas and Hyundai
Among the areas close to Basin, which attracts traders from all countries, is the furniture market (Masco) and the wholesale market (ISTOÇ).

Investment opportunities in Basin Express

The Basin Express area is located at the intersection of three main roads, namely the E5 (Metrobus Express), The International Timing Road and the International Autostrad of the Coast Road.
In addition to the connection of the Basin region to the North Marmara highway, This makes this area a strategic link point for most of the important international highways and highways in Istanbul, ensuring easy access to and from any area in the city.
In addition, the area is located within the new metro line that connects the Atakoy and Ikitelli line. It is expected that in the future there will be a water taxi project that will connect the Marmara Sea from the south to Basaksehir in the north.
And all this led to an increase in movement and vitality in the region and reached great rates, and access became easy to and from the region through transport lines, metro and many transportation networks.
During the last five years, the Basin Express area has witnessed an increase in real estate prices by an average of 30%, and this percentage is among the highest rates of real estate price increases in all areas of Istanbul.
Construction companies are moving strongly to this region and are competing with each other to build the finest modern projects and complexes. And to provide competitive advantages to customers, as there are many real estate projects with different styles and specifications that have all the means of luxury, comfort and safety, The most prominent of these patterns is the home office system, which are apartments that are suitable for housing and investment.
In addition, there is another type of project, which is the hotel apartment projects
Where the hotel apartments system is a good option for housing and investment.
It is suitable for those who travel a lot and businessmen, as the hotel apartments are characterized by the possibility of using the property for housing by its owner and at the same time benefit from the hotel’s various services.
It is possible to invest in hotel apartments with a fixed rent guarantee for long periods, and it is an investment option for those who wish to diversify their sources of income.
We at city scape have many diverse real estate projects that meet all the diverse needs of customers, From hotel projects, residential projects and various investment projects with all specifications and prices.

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