Istanbul transportation and its impact on Istanbul real estate

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المواصلات في اسطنبول وتأثيرها على العقارات

In light of the population congestion and tourism activity in Istanbul, the Turkish government seeks to provide transportation of importance to the Istanbul real estate market, Where Istanbul transportation affected the prices of Istanbul real estate significantly, And it formed a great importance on the prices of apartments in Istanbul, As the Turkish government continues to develop the transportation infrastructure in Turkey, Istanbul real estate prices continue to rise.

The impact of Istanbul transportation on Istanbul real estate

As you know that the real estate market in Turkey continues to grow rapidly despite the challenges and despite the spread of the new Corona virus, real estate sales have increased significantly, With the increase in the real estate market growth from time to time, the municipality and the government announce the opening of new lines and transportation routes, new bridges, new railways, and the use of the automated metro that works without a driver. These works, which are carried out in the Istanbul transportation sector, take place in the city, which is rich in history, Ottoman monuments and castles, which became the focus of attention of Arab and foreign tourists.

In light of the strong infrastructure and huge money spent by the Turkish government on mega projects in Istanbul, Among these projects was the development of bridges and transportation in Istanbul, which had a significant impact on Istanbul real estate, When your apartment and house, whether inside a residential complex or a normal building, approach transportation, the price of the apartment increases and also the price of apartment rents in Istanbul increases.

There are different and varied transportations in Istanbul, Including the metrobus. metro lines, tramway lines, government buses, sea ships, Private transportation and many different transportations, This is a group of transportation that takes tourists, foreigners, Arabs and indigenous people in the city that is densely populated with different cultures and ethnicities.

The city of Istanbul, with the construction of new and huge real estate and residential projects, is always accompanied by the opening of transportation lines and various modes of transportation, and this is what encourages investors to invest, When they see the government’s interest in the city in constructing roads, paving lines, providing all amenities for the residents, and providing advanced global transportation and communications, This is one of the main factors that encourage investors to invest in real estate in Turkey.

Istanbul real estate

Istanbul real estate draws attention with your first visit to the city, you will find that Turkey has become inspired by the engineering form of construction from advanced global forms, where you will find that buildings and urbanization are highly developed, and you will find the density of buildings and housing projects serving and comfortable for citizens, At first glance, you would like to settle down in this beautiful city with stunning scenery, mild weather and well-developed infrastructure.

Yes, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Turkish states in Istanbul, especially in the Istanbul real estate sector, especially the high towers, whose outer walls consist of large glass panels, With the continuation of the architectural development in the city, there should have been a development in the means of transportation and communications, which have also become and made it easier for citizens to move between cities and residential neighborhoods and between tourist and archaeological areas.

Istanbul real estate prices rise near transportation

In Turkey, there are a rule of rules that affect the prices of Istanbul real estate, including the proximity of the apartment to major transportation, public transportation stations, metro, metrobus, tramway, and public transportation. It greatly affected and significantly raised the ceiling of Istanbul real estate prices, The closer your apartment is to Istanbul transportation, the higher the price of your apartment in the city.

There are several factors other than transportation that affect the prices of Istanbul real estate, So you have to decide where you want to settle within the city, about which means of transportation you want to stay, and what is comfortable for you and your family.

Types of transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul’s means of transportation varied and varied, and each had its advantages and disadvantages, in light of the population density and the large number of residents in Istanbul, It was one of the most popular means of transportation in Istanbul. is the metrobus, The most important means of transportation in Istanbul, It was created to reduce road traffic congestion, To secure a convenient and fast means of transportation.

  • metro bus

The word “Metrobus” combines the words “metro” and “bus” (bus). It combines the characteristics of the two mentioned methods, Where the network contains a fleet of long buses of up to 480 buses, Walking a path designated for him is only what makes him, as the metro, It is not affected by traffic congestion.

Its construction began in 2007. To connect the areas of Topkapı in the center of Istanbul and Avcılar at the western edge of the city, with a duration of 22 minutes, While it was up to 48 minutes using other means of transportation.

And in 2008, Many new roads and stations were built, To reach Avcılar at the western end of Istanbul and Zincirlikuyu near the First Bosphorus Bridge, The number of stations was increased to 22 stations within a period of 77 days only.

The road was also opened through the First Bosphorus Bridge to reach Söğütlüçeşme Station. On the Asian side, Thus linking the two sides of the city together, in the shortest possible way, To shorten the time distance to only 63 minutes from Avcılar on the European side to Söğütlüçeşme on the Asian side.

In 2012, an additional road was constructed to reach Beylikdüzü, located in the western part of Istanbul. Thus, the time distance between the two ends of the metrobus line is approximately 100 minutes. From the Asian side to the European side, In order for the metrobus to carry approximately 800,000 passengers daily. And the length of the line is approximately 52 km.

  • metro

Another popular means of transportation in Istanbul is the metro. Construction of the underground railway began in Istanbul in 1992. The first railway to be put into service was the Taksim-Levent dividing line in 2000.

In 2011, a new diversion was built to reach Şişhane. In 2014, the railway construction work was completed to reach the yenikapı station as well, And that is through a bridge that passes over the Golden Horn Bay and connects between Şişhane Station and Vezneciler Station, Its total length is 23.5 km.

From the station yenikapı, the center of Istanbul, many transfers were built, To arrive at Ataturk Airport, Kirazli, On the Asian side, a metro was built linking Kadıköy and Kartal. It is newly extended and reaches Tavşantepe in the eastern Asian part of the city.

The Istanbul Metro, in total, has approximately 1,800,000 passengers per day.

The total length of the railways is expected to reach 641 km in 2023. Centenary of the founding of the Turkish state.

  • Maritime transportation

There are also many other means of transportation and transportation also in Istanbul, Such as sea ferries that connect passengers between the Asian and European sides, Or from Istanbul to the cities of Bursa and Yalova.

  • public buses

Also, public buses have a large share of transportation, Where there is a bus stop on every street. If not two or three positions, Which carries approximately 900,000 passengers daily.

The total number of passengers in Istanbul via different modes of transportation, It could reach nearly 11 million people a day, Through many mediums such as taxi, Minibuses, Metrobus, Miter, tramway, and phrases.

We advise all investors to invest near transportation in Istanbul. We also advise those looking to settle in Turkey to buy their apartments near transportation, It is also expected that Istanbul real estate will take a quantum leap at the beginning of 2023.

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