Lands in Turkey What are the prices and what are the advantages?

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اسعار الاراضي في تركيا وماهي المميزات؟

Lands in Turkey What are the prices and what are the advantages?

Among the investment activities in Turkey, which is the investment activity in land in Turkey, residential and agricultural, as it is the best type of real estate investment in Turkey, Investing in land in Turkey, both agricultural and residential, is one of the best types of real estate investments.

lands in Turkey

The lands in Turkey are divided into two parts: agricultural lands in Turkey and residential lands in Turkey, where many foreign and Arab investors prefer them, as some of them prefer residential lands over agricultural lands and others vice versa.

  • Investing in agricultural land in Turkey

As for agriculture, the reason for investing in it is that Turkey enjoys a unique geographic location between the continents of Europe and Asia. Where parts of it are located in the continent of Europe and other parts in the continent of Asia, In addition to the existence of large agricultural areas with fertile soil and abundant water, Then all this culminates in a climate suitable for the cultivation of various types of crops and fruits. With an abundance of highly experienced manpower at reasonable wages, In addition to the ease of disposing of the agricultural product and the ease of laws governing investment in this sector during all its stages.

  • Investing in residential land in Turkey

As for investing in residential land in Turkey, the reason why it is preferred by many investors is due to their desire to buy empty areas of land, Known in Turkey as (Arza), In order to construct their own buildings on it according to their own designs, The following is a brief presentation on land prices in Turkey.

Land prices in Turkey

The lands in Turkey, as explained previously, are agricultural lands and residential lands, and their prices differ from each other due to the fact that the return on investment in agricultural lands in Turkey is one of the surest and most profitable returns, To the extent that the percentage of profits from it can cross the (30%) barrier, as some experts assess.

This encouraged many owners of money, investors, and those looking for opportunities to operate their money in the very important Turkish agricultural sector. Their desire to do so increased their knowledge of the benefits and special facilities they would receive from the Turkish government if they own real estate or agricultural land. Like: The possibility of granting them a real estate residence permit and allowing them accordingly to establish and establish a company, Giving the opportunity to study for free in Turkish educational institutions for all levels, And benefit from comprehensive health insurance available to all family members of the person who owns the property.

All of the above prompts us to wonder about the prices of agricultural land in Turkey, which varies according to the states and regions. Considering other influencing factors from: The quality of the land and its proximity to water sources such as lakes or rivers, According to its proximity to city centers or its distance from them, And other factors.

Types of agricultural land in Turkey

Agricultural land in Turkey is divided into two parts, which are known in Turkey as Tarla :

the first: It is empty barren lands, Ie uncultivated.

And the second: It is cultivated land.

According to some experts, the prices of empty and uncultivated lands start from 1.5) dollars and a half per meter as a minimum. As for the cultivated lands, their prices increase exponentially with the importance of their location and specifications, reaching (20) twenty dollars or much more.

Agricultural land prices in Istanbul

If we have presented what is stated that agricultural investment in Turkey in general is considered one of the best productive sectors for return and safety, This is increasingly emphasized in (the capital of beauty) Istanbul, In addition to the factors that encourage investment that we mentioned above, Istanbul is characterized by an imaginary location that facilitates the disposal of agricultural crops through all means of transport, Where Istanbul is considered a global node for it, Leading projects in various fields in Istanbul also contribute to the prosperity of the agricultural sector, Such as food industry projects and others.

It is very natural that the prices of land in Istanbul are high compared to other cities and states, The reason for this is that it is the economic, touristic and historical capital of Turkey. In recent years, it has attracted many investors from all over the world. This negatively affected the high prices of agricultural real estate in Istanbul.

As an example of the prices of land allocated for agriculture in Istanbul, we show the price of a land in Silivri area, west istanbul, near Tekirdag, Its price is (290) thousand Turkish liras, with an area of (1.051) square meters. This is equivalent to (276) Turkish liras per meter.

Many investors prefer Silvery area because it is close to the three mega projects in Istanbul (the new airport, and the second channel project).

Agricultural land prices in Bursa

Bursa is a distinguished destination for investing in real estate in general. Including agricultural real estate, The city bears the title of Green Bursa. It is characterized by large charming green spaces, With its pleasant climate, and adjacent to the Marmara, It is also considered the first Turkish state in the production and cultivation of (peach, and peach).

The prices of land in Bursa are cheap compared to its counterpart in Istanbul. Especially if we know that the price of one of the agricultural plots in Bursa within the Kucukkumla Mh area is (720) thousand Turkish liras, Its total area is estimated at (7500) square meters. That is, the price of one meter can be owned at (96) Turkish liras.

Land prices in residential Turkey

Owning land in residential Turkey (ArZa in Turkey) has an additional advantage over agricultural land (Tarla), It is that the ownership of residential land is not limited to a limited area, and it is not permissible for a foreign investor to own more than it. As in agricultural land.

As for the prices of residential land in Turkey in general, Its price ranges per square meter, starting at approximately $40. up to ($1,000) per square meter, This discrepancy and the difference between prices is due to the factors known in the real estate market, such as the effect of the location, the city, and land type, and services available, and similar influences.

Residential land prices in Istanbul

As we mentioned in the paragraph (prices of agricultural land in Istanbul), we also turn to talk about the fact that the prices of residential land in Istanbul exceed its peers from other cities and states, For the same reasons mentioned above.

This has acquired the Besiktas region, Which is located in the European side of Istanbul, On the title (the most expensive region in all of Turkey), Where the investor wishing to purchase residential land will not be surprised to find the price per square meter in (Old Besiktas) at 15 thousand Turkish liras, While the price per square meter in the Beykoz area is (9950 Turkish liras, In the (Bırköy) area, at (8300) Turkish liras per square meter, And in the Eyup region, it costs about 5650 Turkish liras per square meter.

Residential land prices in Antalya

If you ask any traveler to Turkey with the intention of tourism, you will surely find him included in the city (Antalya) in his list of places to visit, Because Antalya is known as the first tourist destination in Turkey, which visitors visit for the purpose of tourism only, To compete (Istanbul) for the title of capital of tourism, The number of foreign tourists annually exceeds the barrier (15 million tourists).

As for the prices of land in Antalya, they vary according to its types and its proximity to the city center or its distance from it, A plot of (234) square meters is valued at $207,400. It is not far from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Only (500m) then it is within walking distance to all the important amenities, historical monuments, hotels and shopping malls in the city.

It is worth noting that the average price of residential land in the Alanya region of Antalya is between $400 and $600 per square meter.

Residential land prices in Trabzon

The city (Trabzon), which is known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, has witnessed in recent years an unparalleled demand for real estate investment from Arab and foreign investment groups. This is because the experience in this sector is highly profitable. Especially that Trabzon is characterized by its very beautiful nature, It is famous for its green hills, the purity of its air, and the purity of its waters.

And if we want to ask about the prices of land in Trabzon, specifically the (Arsin) area in Trabzon with a mountainous view of the Black Sea, We will find a land overlooking the sea, with a large area of (16500 square meters, At a price of one million dollars.

By knowing the information about land in Turkey, you will then be able to determine what land in Turkey suits you or your project, whether residential or agricultural, where if you need to buy land in Turkey, you should contact one of the real estate companies in Turkey, Because it offers you land in Turkey that suits your project.

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