Living in Bebek, Istanbul, has many information and advantages

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مميزات السكن في منطقة بيبيك إسطنبول

Living in Bebek, Istanbul, has many information and advantages

The charming in its beauty, the wealth of its inhabitants, and the high cost of its real estate. This is what I can call Bebek, Where living in the Bebek area in Istanbul is something special and a dream for those looking for comfort, luxury and distinction, as many descriptions of this area are on the European side of Istanbul, But the first thing you will hear about it from the residents of Istanbul, It is the district of the rich and famous.

Accommodation in the Bebek district of Istanbul

If you want to live in the Bebek area in Istanbul, you must specify a specific capital so that you can buy a property in Bebek, where if you delve into its geography, you will find that it is a meeting point for history, nature and luxury together, In addition to its distinctive view, it is located directly on the Bosphorus coast. Where the strait unites the Black Bahrain and the Marmara, It is a focal point, The daily movement of ships and boats of all sizes that transport goods gives it a splendid splendor that gives visitors more pleasure and beauty.

The location of Bebek district in Istanbul?

Living in the Bebek region is not just talk, but because of its strategic and charming location, where the “Bebek” region is located on the European side, Specifically near the Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh Suspension Bridge, Where it forms the view of the bridge and the crossing of cars over it, A special shot for taking souvenir photos. Especially at night when the lights of the suspension bridge are lit on occasions, Bebek region is within the boundaries of Besiktas municipality. It is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Turkey, Bebek is 21 km from Taksim Square. And from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, 50 km, And the new Istanbul airport is 38 km.

Advantages of living in Bebek

There are a number of advantages of living in the Bebek district of Istanbul, which is unique to the Bebek district, as follows:

  • Living in Bebek is a dream, as Bebek is an important point for Istanbul residents, Due to the fact that it has many natural and aesthetic features, It has become a destination and a destination that the population does not get tired of visiting on an ongoing basis. whether from visitors to the city or other states, or tourists from outside Turkey, who come to enjoy its special atmosphere, It is famous for its abundance of gardens. Especially the famous tulip garden, Where the green of the trees meets the blue of the water, To blow a good breeze during a strolling tour of the area and its gardens.
  • In addition to this natural beauty, The Asian part, with its view from the Bebek area, is a natural addition. In the daytime it has an attractive beauty, And at night, a special charm with the distinct lights emanating from the area.
  • It can also seekers of rest and calm, Live the haunted atmosphere with activities with family or friends, Choosing it as a permanent residence, In Turkey, it is customary for lovers to gather among themselves at the cafes and restaurants scattered in Bebek, Where you attend the sessions of family and loved ones at the morning breakfast table on holidays and weekends, In a distinguished atmosphere, the meeting gathered a beautiful direct view of the Bosphorus and the Asian side of the city.
  • But what gives Bebek a kind of uniqueness from the rest of Istanbul, It is chosen by Turkey’s famous artists, actors and singers, living area in apartments, And in the villas and houses scattered on the Bosphorus, You may carry coincidences, watch them, and imagine with them. And often you see the presence of journalists concerned with art news in the region, Hoping to take pictures or scenes of celebrities and artists during their tours and travels in the region, In order to export them technical newscasts.
  • It also constitutes a distinguished coastal pier, in Bebek area, Another place to meet and practice sports of all kinds, of walking, cycling, jogging, It is a good time for loved ones to gather all this in the region, as well as an occasion to perpetuate memories and happy moments. You may encounter a couple celebrating their wedding by taking pictures in the area. This encourages you to live in Bebek

The most beautiful places in Bebek

Living in the Bebek area makes you see charming aesthetic, coastal, historical and archaeological places in this particular area, including:

  • Rumeli Castle Siege

Bebek includes the famous Rumeli Hisar fortress. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious castles in Turkey. As well as its famous view of the Bosphorus Strait among the green trees, Turkish sources say that the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, Known as “The Conqueror” The castle was built in less than 4 months. And his starting point was the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) in the year 1453, The height of the castle walls is 82 meters.

The castle is distinguished by its high towers, which played an important role in paving the way for the tightening of the siege around the city when it was conquered by the Ottomans. With its direct location on the Bosphorus to restrict the movement of ships, and tightening the blockade.

The Conqueror Sultan chose to build a fortress on that site to cut off the supply lines coming to Constantinople from the Black Sea. And he repelled possible attacks north of the Bosphorus in preparation for the conquest, which practically contributed to the conquest of the city.

Currently, visitors and tourists go to the castle to visit and see it. As one of the most important museums and archaeological sites, Where there are walls and towers, an amphitheater, a mosque, Through the castle, you can take distinguished memorial photos with family and friends.

  • Bebek Coast

You cannot resist the beauty and splendor of the Bebek coast, It is called the luxury coast locally. Where the sea forms with boats and yachts and next to it residential buildings, creative board, It gives you positive energy and makes you feel comfortable, calm and completely relaxed. Especially at night, when the lights are reflected on the sea water, it becomes magically sparkling. Especially since there are many restaurants and cafes on the coastline, Which serves all eastern and western meals, In addition to the most delicious traditional Turkish dishes.

  • Asian Museum

It is a museum that was originally the home of the Turkish poet Tewfik Fikret. The building consists of three floors, in which the poet lived from 1906 to 1915 AD. It was converted into a museum in 1945 AD under the name “The New Literature Museum”. A visit to the museum is for those interested in the literary field. View the biographies of the greatest artists of modern and contemporary literature in Asia and the world, and their most important literary works.

  • Bebek Park

Bebek Park overlooks the banks of the Bosphorus. It covers an area of 16,000 square metres. It is a quiet garden, The ideal recreational and tourist places for families and children, It gives its visitors relaxation in the lap of nature. The most beautiful plants, trees and flowers are distributed in it. It is also equipped with playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and many shops selling a variety of souvenirs.

  • Bebek’s high-end restaurants

The area is famous for hosting a large number of restaurants and cafes. overlooking the coast, Which offers the most delicious and delicious traditional Turkish and Western food, It gives you an irreplaceable opportunity to try seafood and taste countless types of fresh fish.

  • Ayazma park

If you are a fan of hiking with family and children, And those who take the opportunity to walk and breathe the fresh air, You have to be a gardener, It is equipped with walking paths between vast areas of plants and green areas, In addition, there is a special space for children’s games.

Infrastructure in Bebek

The municipality of Bebek region pays great attention due to the sophistication of its neighborhoods, its coast, and the natural places in which it is located, making it a distinctive destination. It is fully serviced in terms of transportation. As the way to reach it from the Fatih, Or Kasrae via the tram, Or from Taksim Metro to Kabatas, then you can take another bus to reach Bebek, This is in addition to the availability of many governmental and private hospitals, parks, amusement parks, markets, restaurants and high-end hotels.

Advantages of investing in Bebek

The location of Bebek, with its charming view of the Bosphorus, in the European section of Istanbul, The presence of luxury villas, palaces and houses overlooking the Bosphorus, making it a destination for the wealthy to invest and buy real estate, And even for summer holidays there, It is an ideal place for daily life also for people with high income and high budget, Its apartments are known for their ideal and suitability for businessmen. To bring their families to live in an upscale area that combines tradition and modernity and offers the most famous universities.

This is the dream of many Arab families to live in it because of its location and the presence of Turkish actors and some artists. Living in the Bebek area is the dream of many.


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