Obtaining Turkish citizenship by marrying Turks

الحصول على الجنسية التركية

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage, In this article, you will find all the papers and documents. and the conditions to be met, You have before you start your application for citizenship.

It is known that a foreign person in Turkey can obtain citizenship in several different ways, Among them is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen.

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Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

If you want to work and live in Turkey for a long period of time, or remain there permanently, and intend to apply for Turkish citizenship, You can do this in a number of different ways.

These methods vary between obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage, or by investing in real estate, In addition to the possibility of obtaining citizenship through naturalization, and other other ways, We explain it as follows:

1. Turkish citizenship by marriage

If you marry a Turkish citizen, You will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage, be after a period of three years of marriage, The procedures can be done either from inside or outside Turkey, The foreign consulate must be notified of the marriage. After marriage, you can hold a two-year visa. which can be extended, It gives you the right to work, and live in Turkey, After a period of three years, you can obtain Turkish citizenship.

Marrying a Turkish citizen is one of the different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship; However, marriage to Turkish citizens does not necessarily confer the right, To enjoy the right to obtain Turkish citizenship directly; Except under a number of conditions stipulated by law, It is necessary to have it in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Conditions for obtaining citizenship through marriage

As we mentioned, a period of 3 years must pass since marriage to a Turkish citizen, or a Turkish citizen; In order to consider the application submitted in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

In addition, a set of conditions stipulated in the law on naturalization within Article No. 16 are verified, In its first clause, These conditions are as follows:

1 That marriage be built on the basis of family formation, Far from being self-interested.

2- Avoiding any behavior or behavior that is understood from him, that marriage is not built on sound foundations,

For example, there are many family disputes, These matters are verified by the Turkish intelligence in the ways it deems appropriate. For example, it may be by asking directly to neighbors and relatives, or by other means; If problems are found, The marriage was with the intention of interest, and this affected the process of accepting the application for citizenship.

3 that the person applying for Turkish citizenship does not pose any danger, Or a threat to national security in Turkey.

What happens in the event of the death of the Turkish husband, Or the Turkish wife, before obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage?

The application for Turkish citizenship by marriage is not canceled, The second item of Article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law states:

Not looking at the first condition of the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship, This is one of the most important conditions for the formation of a captive entity. and other conditions are satisfied, And to be granted citizenship on the basis of that.

What happens if a divorce occurs between the two parties after obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage?

A person who has obtained Turkish citizenship, which he took on the basis of his marriage to a Turkish citizen, shall retain Turkish citizenship, It enjoys all the advantages enjoyed by any Turkish citizen; But this is if it is proven that the matter was not planned by one of the parties. otherwise if lack of good faith is proven; In other words, the marriage took place only for reasons of obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage, This is being verified. or not, through the work of Turkish intelligence, which is looking into the matter thoroughly, At that time, the matter will be different, and the holder of Turkish citizenship, due to marriage, may be deprived of his citizenship after the divorce.

And if the death of the Turkish wife occurs, or the Turkish spouse after submitting an application for Turkish citizenship through marriage, Here the Turkish government does not check, In the fact that marriage was established with the intention of creating a family or a mother only with the intention of acquiring citizenship.

2. By naturalization

If you have been legally settled in Turkey for five years with a work visa or a student visa, You can then apply for citizenship through naturalization, This is the most common way to obtain a second citizenship.

3. Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programs

There are many options for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, These options are:

  1. Buying a property and obtaining residency.

One of the easiest options available to invest in Turkey is the real estate investment program that was established in 2018, It gives individuals Their families have a unique and unique opportunity to obtain citizenship in a short period of time by purchasing a property with an amount starting from 250 thousand US dollars. This is provided that the property is retained for a period of three years. After that, it becomes possible to apply for citizenship 6 months after completing the ownership of the property for a full 3 years.

4. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by proof of Ottoman origins

You must first prove that you have any Ottoman ancestry, Or prove that you belong to any Turkish origins, whether grandmother, grandfather, father or mother.

By submitting any proof of birth certificate, or military service certificate, And then work is done in order to obtain a Turkish government document called (Ottoman Document of Origins), Which is supposed to be that document has been translated and certified by the notary or notary, And then go to the Maqam.

After that, you can directly apply for Turkish citizenship, The good thing here is that the request is resolved quickly. The period ranges from six months to a year. However, this requires the provision of residence for at least two years in Turkey, It does not matter what kind of residence you live in Turkey.

Many Arabs actually obtained Turkish citizenship by proving they had Ottoman ancestry.

You can obtain a document proving Ottoman assets; by any old paper, whether it is a birth certificate, or a military certificate, Or the existence of a genealogical tree of the person applying for Turkish citizenship, Which actually proves that you have an Ottoman origin, And it has a specific date. and can search, and prospect, And then it can be confirmed through the Ottoman archives located in Turkey.

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