Real estate in Istanbul with a charming sea view is a dream of many families

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شقق للبيع في اسطنبول على البحر

Real estate in Istanbul with a charming sea view is a dream of many families

Many Arab and foreign families dream of buying an apartment in Istanbul with a charming sea view, They prefer it over the rest of Istanbul real estate, where many Arabs believe that they cannot buy an apartment with a view of the beaches of Istanbul, But we refute that for you, as you can buy real estate in Istanbul near the water bodies in the Turkish state.

Real estate in Istanbul with a charming sea view

Yes, your dream will come true. You can buy real estate in Istanbul close by, as there are a number of residential real estate establishments and residential complexes in Istanbul with attractive and charming sea views, but the price of apartments in these complexes and residential buildings is high compared to the rest of the residential buildings located in the neighborhoods of Istanbul.

As the idea of residence and living near the sea is an idea of luxury and psychological comfort for you and your family, and housing and stability in comfortable, quiet and lively places in Istanbul is one of the best decisions that you can make if you decide to live in Istanbul, But there are people who do not prefer real estate in Istanbul near the sea for several reasons, including the change in the weather in the winter.

But I can explain to you that inside the complexes there is central heating, and also that the complexes and buildings were built with materials that are suitable for weather and corrosion, In this article, we will review real estate prices and the advantages of real estate in Istanbul with an attractive sea view.

Istanbul beaches

The city of Istanbul, which many consider the paradise of the earth, is located between bodies of water and charming, attractive and famous sea views, which millions of foreign and Arab tourists come to visit for tourism, recreation and enjoyment of the picturesque nature, as Istanbul overlooks Bahrain and a water strait. It has two large lakes. Therefore, we can say that the opportunity to live next to a beach in Istanbul, Or with sea views.

Sea view in Istanbul

  • Marmara sea coast
  • Black Sea Coast
  • Bosphorus coast
  • Küçükçekmece Lake
  • And Buyukcekmece Lake

Buying real estate in Istanbul near these charming coastal areas is one of the most valuable things you have, as owning a property near the Bosphorus is the most expensive in all of Turkey on the Asian and European sides, While the cheapest real estate with a sea view in Istanbul is the Marmara Coast real estate, However, it remains relatively more expensive than real estate prices that lack sea views.

Areas with a sea view in Istanbul

There are many sea views in Istanbul and many neighborhoods and areas overlooking the water bodies that we mentioned above, and these areas are:

Neighborhoods overlooking the Black Sea

The Black Sea is one of the small seas, and it limits the state of Istanbul from its northern side, extending between its European and Asian parts. It is considered an inland Turkish sea. It covers an area of about 420,000 square kilometres. Its maximum depth is about 2,210 meters.

On the shore of the Black Sea from the side of Istanbul, Sariyer is the most prestigious area of the state. It is considered the city that the wealthy, Turkish and foreign businessmen come to live in and settle in. Where real estate in Sariyer area is one of the most beautiful and luxurious properties in Istanbul I found.

Also, many of Istanbul’s villages are located along the Black Sea, What gave these villages a distinct tourist importance due to the pleasant atmosphere, scenic views and the charm of nature.

The most important neighborhoods overlooking the Black Sea:

  • And the European section: Sariyer, Ayoub, Arnavutkoy, Chattelga.
  • And the Asian section: becuase, scarf.

Neighborhoods overlooking the Marmara Sea

The Sea of Marmara is located on the southern tip of Istanbul. Most of the central areas of the state overlook the Marmara coast. Also, all the neighborhoods located near the sea are considered vital and touristic areas. The sea also contains some tourist islands that are administratively affiliated to Istanbul.

The most important neighborhoods overlooking Marmara:

  • European section: the conqueror, Borno olives, Bakirkoy, Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece Silivri.
  • Asian section: Cady Coy, Mal Tabah, Kartal, between dick, Tuzla.

Areas with sea views of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus Strait is known worldwide as it is the boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia. It connects the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Istanbul is divided into two parts, each section named after the continent in which it is located. On both sides of this strait are the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in the city. The phrase “Bosphorus view” is enough to make an imaginary difference in the price of the property compared to properties that do not have this view.

  • Neighborhoods overlooking the Bosphorus in the European section: Sariyer, Besiktas, Beyoglu, Sisli.
  • Neighborhoods with a sea view on the Asian side that overlook the Bosphorus: becuase, Uskudar.

Real estate prices in Istanbul with a sea view

Real estate in Istanbul with an attractive sea view, the prices of which differ a lot from the rest of the properties of the major Turkish state, as these areas have a view of the sea in Istanbul or close to it, which is very expensive and the destination of the wealthy, businessmen and investors looking for comfort and stability.

Average prices per square meter near the sea in Istanbul

The following is a list of 17 Istanbul neighborhoods overlooking its seas, The prices per square meter range from 3000 to 13900 Turkish liras for real estate outside the residential complexes, while within these complexes the prices range between 5000 to 17500 Turkish liras.

For a more accurate view of the prices, we have prepared this table for you:

RegionThe average price per square meter of the property
In apartment complexesoutside residential complexes
Sariyer17500 T13900 T
Bakirkoy14400 T10900 TL
Besiktas14200 T10700 TL
Kadikoy12700 TL9950 TL
becuase10000 T6150 TL
Borono olives9000 TL4900 TL
Beyoglu8900 TL5200 TL
Conqueror8600 TL4750 TL
Ayoub8500 TL4850 TL
escudar8400 TL5500 TL
Sisli8100 T5650 TL
what’s wrong7900 T5000 TL
Kartal7700 TL4300 TL
Beylikduzu6100 TL3100 TL
Bendick6000 TL3700 TL
Avcilar5800 TL3300 TL
Arnavutkoy5000 TL3000 TL


Real estate for rent in Istanbul with sea view

As for renting real estate in Istanbul overlooking the sea or near the sea in Istanbul, it ranges between 20 to 64 Turkish liras per square meter in residential complexes overlooking the seas of Istanbul. And between 12.5 and 50.5 TL per square meter outside the complexes.

In this table, there are more accurate details in numbers for the value of renting real estate in Istanbul according to the square meter per month for real estate areas overlooking the sea in Istanbul:

RegionAverage monthly rent per square meter
In apartment complexesoutside residential complexes
Sariyer63.4 TL50.4 TL
Beyoglu61.8 TL36.1 TL
Ayoub44.3TL25.3 TL
Arnavutkoy19.8 TL12 TL
Besiktas47.3 TL35.7 TL
Bakirkoy44.4 TL33.6 TL
Conqueror42.2 TL23.3 TL
Borono olives41.7 TL22.7 TL
Sisli39.7 TL27.7 TL
Kadikoy36.5 TL28.6 TL
Beylikduzu36.3 TL18.5 TL
escudar30.4 TL19.9 TL
Avcilar30.2 TL17.2 TL
what’s wrong28.6 TL18.1 TL
becuase27.8 TL17.1 TL
Kartal26.7 TL14.9 TL
Bendick20.8 TL12.8 TL


When you are looking for stability and living in Turkey, you should buy real estate in Istanbul with a charming sea view through a real estate company that finds your right dream of living in an apartment or villa overlooking the sea.

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