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العقارت في تركيا

Real estate in Turkey is one of the most high-quality and wonderful types of real estate in construction. It has all the modern services that tourists desire and desire. Therefore, the purchase requests for real estate in Turkey are significantly high, Ownership there is available to all nationalities of the world together, except for some exempted countries, which are few. Also, buying real estate in Turkey allows obtaining Turkish citizenship under certain conditions, That is why many investors are rushing to buy real estate in Turkey and benefit from it in obtaining Turkish citizenship later.

Real estate in Turkey is an important source for obtaining Turkish citizenship

According to the official law issued by the Turkish government on 9/18/2018, the property owner has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship. It is not possible to accept all financial transactions related to the purchase and sale of real estate in Turkey directly in cash between the seller and the buyer. But transactions are accepted only by Turkish banks.

Also, foreigners or Turks cannot buy real estate belonging to foreign countries other than Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship, The value of the property must start from $250,000 or more, The property owner must keep the property for 3 full years without selling it to obtain Turkish citizenship.

It is also an important condition to obtain a tax registration number for the property. After that, the rest of the documents required for obtaining Turkish citizenship are completed.

A lot of applications are submitted weekly in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate , and the number of applications reaches 10,000 weekly.

The number of real estate sales in Turkey increased to 78.30% in 2018, and this percentage increased during the year 2020.

The decision to grant citizenship when buying a property in Turkey

In accordance with Resolution 106 of the Turkish Nationality Law 5901 issued in 2018 by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The provisions of the resolution are as follows:

  • Turkish citizenship was re-granted in general on 11/2/2010 No. 1/2010/2010.
  • Previously, the decision was initially required to invest 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira in the purchase of a residential property in Turkey, and keep it for 3 years without selling it, Currently, the required investment amount has been reduced to only 250,000 TL.
  • An application must be submitted to the committee concerned with broadcasting applications for Turkish citizenship, Verify that all the conditions required for obtaining Turkish citizenship are met.
  • The implementation of this decision started from the date of its inception on 11/2/2010 AD after the approval of the President of the Turkish Republic on this decision.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment

The conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment are simple and easy for all investors, They are as follows:

  • Minimum investment $250,000 USD, This is a very easy condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • The ability to travel to 115 countries without a visa or a temporary visa that in some countries reaches 6 months.
  • The properties that are purchased are within real estate projects qualified by the Turkish state and fully legally registered.
  • Not to dispose of and sell the property for 3 consecutive years.

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