Real estate investment in Istanbul, the city of Turkey

الاستثمار العقاري في اسطنبول

In light of the great economic and urban progress that Turkey is witnessing, many Arab investors are looking to invest in real estate in Istanbul, the city of Turkey, Which can encouraged the Turkish government all foreign investors to invest in Turkish lands and facilitated all means and transactions for them to invest in real estate in all Turkish states.

Real estate investment in Istanbul

Arab investors can now establish real estate projects and invest in real estate in Istanbul, which is the economic capital of Turkey and links Asia and Europe to each other. Which includes hundreds of real estate and investment projects close to tourist areas, public utilities, transportation, markets, airports, and various services available on Turkish territory.

Many Arab investors, especially from Iraq and the Arab Gulf states from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Libya, were able to buy real estate and invest their money in distinct and successful investment and real estate opportunities and in the most luxurious and distinguished areas in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general. which made them ideal profits in terms of practice, One of the most prominent of these was the investment near Istanbul’s new airport and the purchase of dozens of agricultural land next to the new Istanbul Canal, which connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.

About the city of Istanbul

Istanbul in modern Turkish: Istanbul In Ottoman Turkish: Istanbul Known historically as Byzantium, Constantinople, Astana and Islampol; It is the largest city in Turkey and the seventh largest city in the world in terms of population. It is inhabited by 15 million and 29 thousand people.

Istanbul is also a “mega city”, It is seen as Turkey’s cultural, economic and financial center. The city area covers 39 districts that make up Istanbul Province. Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus and encircles the natural harbor known as the “Golden Horn” in the northwest of the country.

Istanbul also extends along the European side of the Bosphorus Strait. Known as “Thrace”, and the Asian side or “Anatolia, Which makes it among a group of cities located on two continents. Istanbul was chosen as the Co-Capital of European Culture for 2010, Its historical landmarks were previously added in 1985. to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Istanbul is the best seller of real estate in Turkey

Investors in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, including businessmen, wealthy people, and owners of capital, were among the most investors in the real estate sector in Istanbul 2020. Real estate sales in Turkey have increased significantly by 18.7%. According to a statement by the Turkish Statistics Authority, Istanbul is the best-selling real estate in Turkey in the last quarter of 2020.

Istanbul came first in terms of the number of real estate sales, Which recorded 21,158 sales, It was followed by the capital, Ankara, with 10,000 sales. Then Izmir with 6 thousand, And then Antalya Willowa with 18, And Bursa with 174 sales of real estate and apartments.

Iraqis are the most buying real estate in Turkey

And Iraqis ranked the most buying real estate in Turkey among Arab nationalities in 2020. Iraq topped the list with 876 properties and Kuwait with 202 properties. Iran topped the list of non-Arab nationalities buying real estate with 860 real estate purchases, Russia followed with 434 operations. and Afghanistan with 203 operations, The percentage of foreigners in real estate sales for the last quarter reached 24.4% compared to last year 2019, achieving a significant increase.

According to the Turkish Castration Institute, Rich Iraqis and Kuwaitis came at the forefront of the Arab owners of real estate in Turkey, During November 2020.

The future of real estate investment in Istanbul

You can compare real estate investment in Turkey and investment in other countries, But we show you the future of real estate investment in Istanbul in particular and in Turkey in general, The Turkish economy is one of the most economies around the world, which has achieved great and resounding success in the past years, As many experts expect that the Turkish economy will become one of the fastest growing economies around the world after attracting 15 billion dollars in foreign investment annually, The statistics are growing despite the economic and political challenges that Turkey is witnessing.

Turkey is also one of the sixteenth largest economies in the world. Real estate investment in Istanbul in particular and the states of Turkey in general was one of the most prominent factors that accelerated the Turkish economy and increased its growth significantly. Expectations came that Istanbul will increase the proportion of real estate purchases, and the proportion of investments in the real estate sector will increase significantly in the coming years.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Istanbul

The advantages of investing in real estate in Istanbul, one of the states of Turkey, are many and varied, and it is the main reason that attracted many Arab investors in the real estate sector. One of the most prominent advantages of investing in real estate in Istanbul was the granting of Turkish citizenship when buying a property or investment of 250 thousand dollars, It also features:

  • Smooth real estate law

Salasa, the real estate law in Turkey and Istanbul, especially encouraged Arab investors to invest in Turkey, As the Turkish laws imposed by the government granted the right to 183 countries to invest in real estate in Turkey and participate in urban activity, The investor can obtain Turkish citizenship if he owns a house in Turkey for two years.

  • Infrastructure

Turkey is struggling with time to develop a solid infrastructure for investment, whether real estate or industrial, which helped Arab investors invest their money in real estate projects or buy real estate apartments and create real estate, The infrastructure has made it easier for investors to delve into real estate projects and has brought them great success and profits.

  • overpopulation

The population of Istanbul is more than 15 million, exceeding 131 countries with a large population density.

  • fragrant history

Turkey has the most prominent historical and archaeological monuments, as there are many historical and archaeological areas in Istanbul, Including the historic Ottoman castles and Topkapi Castle, The Hagia Sophia Mosque, and Muhammad Al-Fateh Mosque, And the historical Galata Tower, archaeological urban landmarks, and many historical monuments, which encouraged the attraction of Arab investors to Istanbul.

  • The status of the city of Istanbul

Istanbul is located between two continents, Asia and Europe, which are linked together by the Bosphorus Strait.

  • religious character

The religious nature of the country encourages investors to come and work in Turkey, And the attractive location to link it between East and West, and popular tourism.

  • Tourism in Istanbul

tourism in istanbul, Istanbul ranked eighth in the list of the most visited cities in the world and attracts tourists.

  • Turkish Nationality

When you buy a property, villa or house at a price of 250 thousand dollars or invest an amount of the same amount, the Turkish government offers you Turkish citizenship.

  • Real estate residence

When you buy a real estate, you can apply for real estate residency.

Real estate prices in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the best places to invest in real estate in Turkey and buy homes and apartments in it. Also, real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to the area, location, proximity, and distance from vital areas, airports, tourist areas, services, malls, markets, transportation, recreational facilities, and its proximity to the center of Istanbul, And then determine the prices of real estate in Istanbul, The minimum price for apartments in Istanbul is 25 thousand dollars.

Real estate prices in Istanbul also differed according to their presence in ordinary buildings or serviced apartment complexes, including entertainment, security, and gyms, and according to their proximity to public and private transportation, coastal, marine and tourist areas, airports and main roads.

cityscape real estate offers many distinguished real estate opportunities and the best real estate projects in Istanbul, And the best investment opportunities that Arab investors are looking for, especially in the Arab Gulf states, Iraq and Libya.

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