Real estate investment in Turkey .. tips about successful investment?

الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

Real estate investment in Turkey .. tips about successful investment?

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important topics that come in the mind of any Arab or foreign citizen who wants to invest in real estate in Turkey, as real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most popular investments in the countries of the world, Turkey has succeeded in emerging on the European scene in the distinguished and successful real estate market, which witnessed a great turnout, a huge and huge volume of sales, an increase in the volume of investments and sales, millions of tourists and residents, and the injection of billions of dollars into real estate and investment projects.

Reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey

There are many reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey, and the number of Arab and foreign investors has doubled in the Turkish real estate market. The real estate market in Turkey has witnessed huge sales and great profits through successful real estate investment in Turkey. The most important reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey are:

  • Turkey’s location on the map

Turkey is distinguished by its distinguished location that connects two continents with each other, the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia, where the city of Istanbul is located between Asia and Europe, and the city connects the Bosphorus Bridge or the famous Bosphorus Strait. This is the reason for the success of real estate investment in Turkey, Turkey has become the focus of attention for investors in the Arab Gulf states and foreigners, and because of its distinguished location between the continents and its different terrain, Turkey has become a center for attracting Arab and foreign tourists.

What is real estate?

Real estate: It is every fixed property that is not transferable or transferable from one place to another

  1. lands
  2. buildings
  3. apartments
  4. villas
  5. offices
  6. Shops
  7. Hotels
  8. Factories

Reasons for real estate investment in Turkey

  • Turkish economy

Turkey has acquired an important position in the world economy, Where the Turkish economy continued to grow at a high speed and great during the past 20 years, The Turkish economy in 2002, according to the statistics of the Turkish Economic Institute “Turk Stat”, amounted to 231 billion US dollars, In 2016, it amounted to 857 billion US dollars. The Turkish economy continues to grow significantly day by day despite the great challenges that Turkey is going through, especially the economic challenges. 15 years ago, Turkey was not among the 100 economies globally, as Turkey became 16th globally among the economies. This reveals the size of the great and record development witnessed by the Turkish economy

It is expected that in 2023 the Turkish economy will become among the ten largest economies in the world, After the completion of the awesome and colossal Vision 2023 projects that will fulfill Turkey’s ambition and become the most important economic country in the region and in the Middle East.

  • Ease of investing in Turkey

One of the encouraging reasons for real estate investment in Turkey or investing in any field is the ease of opening companies and projects in Turkey because the Turkish government facilitates for foreigners and Arabs the freedom to invest on Turkish lands, It also takes 5 to 7 days to establish a company in Turkey. According to the statistics of the World Bank for Business in 2017.

Turkey is also known as the least difficult country to implement for local investors in general and foreign investors in particular.

  • The many facilities for foreigners to own

Whoever owns a property in Turkey, Turkey offers him real estate residency in Turkey, and for those who buy a property with 250 thousand US dollars or more, Turkish citizenship is also offered. After the Turkish citizenship decision related to real estate, the number of Arab investors increased to invest in Turkey to obtain distinguished Turkish citizenship. In addition to the ease of things going, the process of transferring ownership (Tabu) when choosing the property to be purchased will take only two days as a maximum.

  • Turkey population

The population of Turkey in 2016 reached about 80 million, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. More importantly, 40 million people of Turkey’s population are young people, unlike European countries that suffer from a severe shortage of young people and a high level of elderly people

  • advanced infrastructure

Turkey is one of the most developed countries in the world in infrastructure. There is a huge and sophisticated urban and infrastructure development in Turkey in:

  1. Internal and external extensions
  2. health drains
  3. energy resources
  4. bridges
  5. Paved roads
  6. electrical networks
  7. remote communication
  8. Transportation Diversity: Trains, buses, sea and air transportation, private transportation, and public and government transportation.
  9. And all the basic and necessary services to improve the conditions of life
  • little taxes

Turkey imposes 20% taxes on investors, which is a small and acceptable rate compared to what it was before 33%, Compared to many countries of the world, especially European countries, Turkey is the best for real estate investment and the least taxed for investors.

  • Turkey site

Turkey’s location is distinct, the meeting point of civilizations, its diversity, and its great history. You can see Turkey on the map and look at its location, its location between several seas, the diversity of its terrain and its distinctive weather, as Turkey’s economic and investment location is very distinctive because of its many borders with Arab countries and with Europe, as Turkey’s location is very distinguished and strategically located and from These are the most important reasons why Turkey’s location is so important for investment are:

Turkey meets the continents of the world

Turkey’s location is important on the map because it is the center of Turkey and its geographical importance to the countries of the whole world did not come in vain, as Turkey is located on the Anatolian Peninsula and surrounded by three vital water bodies:

  1. The Mediterranean Sea
  2. Black Sea
  3. Aegean Sea

Turkey is considered the meeting point of the continent of Africa and Asia, in addition to the continent of Europe, which makes it an important economic corridor to the whole world. Turkey’s location also played an important role in shaping the popular Turkish culture, which is characterized by a great deal of openness, diversity, and accept others.

Tips on successful real estate investment in Turkey?

There are some tips about successful real estate investment in Turkey, which is one of the important countries in the Middle East and European countries in real estate investment, and the most prominent tips are:

  • Buy a well-located property that guarantees you a successful investment in Turkey
  • Easy access to the property you want to buy Being close to transportation well
  • Buy a property in areas where there are many services and public facilities, for example: Beylikduzu, Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir district in Istanbul or central areas with investment value.
  • Think of several investment styles: You can diversify your investment to reap the most satisfactory results! For example, instead of buying two apartments!! Buy one residential apartment, a commercial shop or a hotel apartment and a commercial office, This will be easy for you, especially because of the various options and opportunities that Turkey provides you with in owning real estate.

Those looking for stability in real estate investment in Turkey should take the advice that we gave you in this article.

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