Real estate prices in Turkey during and after the end of the Corona virus

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Corona virus hit all countries of the world, a threat to global economies and investments, Real estate prices in Turkey gained the share and were affected by the new Corona virus, which struck the real estate sector in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. But Turkey has found some solutions to mitigate the size of the losses and the investment decline in real estate, Ankara found a solution to buy real estate online remotely and launched the process of registering the property electronically through the electronic taboo to prevent the spread of the virus.

Real estate prices in Turkey during the spread of the Corona virus

The first to be affected by the spread of the Corona virus is real estate prices in Turkey, and in light of the downturn in the Turkish real estate market and the significant decline due to the measures taken, including stopping air traffic between Turkey and the countries of the world in the first half of 2020, this formed a strong storm that swept real estate prices in Turkey.

Real estate prices in Turkey have decreased significantly, especially in Istanbul, due to the lack of real estate investors and the lack of buyers of apartments in Turkey. And also because many real estate companies have stopped working in Turkey.

Many investors ask many important questions, and these questions are fundamental and detailed questions of interest to the real estate market, and among these common questions will real estate prices rise in Turkey? Will apartment rents rise in Turkey? What is the right time to buy a property or apartment in Turkey? Will the impact of Corona on real estate in Turkey remain?

Real estate prices in Turkey after the end of the Corona virus

The rise in the prices of building materials and expectations of heavy demand for buying real estate in Turkey when the crisis ends will inevitably lead to a significant increase in real estate prices in Turkey, Commenting on this issue, Mustafa Hakan Özlimagakli, General Manager of Altın Emlak, said: And under the auspices of the Corona virus in Turkey, real estate prices and rents will fly!

Ozlimagakli added: that after significant increases in the value of the dollar against the Turkish lira, Real estate investment at the present time will become a very special opportunity and a milestone in the path of a successful investor, and that Corona in Turkey, once it ends, will lead to an increase in demand for real estate in general and used real estate in particular, Because it will be available at lower prices and will witness a surge in demand.

Why will the real estate market witness a rise in real estate prices in Turkey after the end of Corona?

The real estate market will witness a significant rise in real estate prices in Turkey immediately after the outbreak of the new Corona virus, due to many factors, the return of life in Turkey, the return of the real estate market and the return of real estate investors in Turkey, And the facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors as there are many reasons.

According to reports issued by the Turkish “TURKSTAT” institution, after the current recession, the real estate sector will be in great demand when Corona ends in Turkey, and this is one of the reasons that will lead to an increase in real estate prices in residential complexes and regular buildings alike.

As one of the reasons for the rise in real estate prices in Turkey after the end of the Corona virus is due to the construction companies in the current situation offering huge discounts of up to 30% of the property value when buying remotely, With the aim of encouraging investors and stimulating the movement despite the current situation.

On the other hand, the huge collapse in the economy of major countries such as China, Italy and others will lead to a huge increase in the prices of imported materials for construction in the coming periods and thus to an increase in the cost of construction.

Turkish incentives to encourage real estate investment in Turkey

After every crisis that occurs in any country in the world, this country offers many incentives to reduce the losses it has received due to the crises that have afflicted it. as well as to encourage investments and encourage indigenous peoples to bring projects to market, It is also expected that at the end of the Corona crisis in Turkey, the Turkish government will provide, as usual, new incentives and similar facilities to facilitate the acquisition of citizenship for foreign investors, with the aim of stimulating the real estate movement and real estate investments in Turkey and returning it to its usual activity as it was previously, As well as working on the success and implementation of housing projects and schemes supervised by the Turkish government.

And after the Turkish government offers many incentives, discounts, and tax exemptions, this leads to an increase in customers and a great demand from Arab and foreign investors on the real estate market, as this will lead to an increase in demand for housing and real estate, and thus real estate prices in Turkey will rise again.

Therefore, all investors should take advantage of the period before the end of the Corona virus, hurry up and buy real estate through a real estate company that provides its real estate maids, as well as investors should take advantage of the recession period that suffers from the real estate market in Turkey.

Who benefits from the rise in real estate prices in Turkey?

The beneficiary of the high real estate prices in Turkey There are many investors and investment companies that invested money during the period of the spread of the Corona virus, and thus they are the beneficiaries in the first place, as they purchased real estate before the Corona crisis in Turkey and during the pandemic and crisis, Especially those who chose projects under construction to invest in, Of course, the value of the homes in these projects will increase by a large percentage upon delivery

Because of the current conditions, the spread of the new virus, and the rise that real estate will achieve when Corona ends in Turkey, the percentage of profits that the investor can achieve from these real estate will be greater than expected, Thus, the real estate market will return to its previous era and more than that if the government decides to provide facilities, privileges and incentives for real estate investors in Turkey.

How to benefit from real estate investment from the Corona crisis?

The opportunity is in front of you, now you just have to think about the investment or the apartment you want to buy or the property you want to invest, The opportunity is available now and may not be repeated again, and the investors who wish to seize it can achieve their real estate dreams simply, So, if you are interested in owning real estate in Turkey and think that the current conditions may prevent you from doing so? We can say here that the successful investor seizes the opportunities and we give our clients the opportunity to own property in Turkey, without coming to it.

With the spread of the Corona virus, and in light of the great crisis that all countries, especially Turkey, are witnessing, the real estate market in Turkey is one of the best global markets in the real estate sector, which was affected relatively and little compared to other countries that suffered from an economic and investment collapse, With this article, we directed our various and comprehensive advice and talked about real estate prices in Turkey and the impact of the emerging corona virus, which has a huge impact on global and Turkish real estate.

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