Real estate sales in Turkey 2020 beat the circumstances

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Real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners until the end of 2020 amounted to 247,159 Afar, The real estate market in Turkey was able to overcome the current conditions, especially after the spread of the new Corona virus throughout the country, Where the volume of real estate sales in Turkey continued to progress until the last days of 2020.

Istanbul ranked first among all Turkish states in real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners. Iraqis topped real estate sales in Turkey and took the lead.

Real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners continue despite Corona

According to the data of the Presidency of the Real Estate Appraisal Department, Created by presidential decree in 2019, The number of real estate purchased by foreigners from all over Turkey, 247 thousand and 159 properties, Until the last day of the year 2020.

The number of foreigners who bought a property, To obtain Turkish citizenship 13,805 properties, During the year 2020

Istanbul ranked first. Among the Turkish states selling real estate to foreigners, The number of real estate sales in Istanbul to foreigners during the past year 2020 reached 87,037 properties during the past year 2020.

The volume of real estate sales in Italy came in second place with 60,336 properties sold. And real estate sales in Turkey were recorded in Bursa in third place with 10 thousand and 853 properties in 2020.

And real estate sales in the city of Mugla recorded 10,208 sales in 2020, ranked fourth. As for the city of Ankara, the volume of real estate sales in Turkey in Ankara reached 9,263 properties.

According to the table, real estate sales in Turkey are in the first five ranks among the Turkish states as follows:

the numberthe stateThe number of properties sold
1Istanbul 87 thousand and 37 properties
2Antalya 60 thousand and 336 properties
3Market 10 thousand 853 properties
4Mugla 10 thousand 208 real estate
5Ankara 9 thousand 263 properties


Iraqis are at the forefront of real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners

Iraqis ranked first in sales among the most foreign nationalities buying real estate from Turkey, With the purchase of 29 thousand and 349 properties, The Russians came in second place. By purchasing 18,918 properties, The Iranians came in third place. With 18 thousand and 154 properties.

In second place, the volume of real estate sales to Russians reached 18 thousand and 918 properties. In third place, Iranians recorded 18 and 154 real estate sales.

And in the fourth place, Saudi Arabia recorded the sales volume in 2020 with 14 thousand and 267 properties.

The ten foreign nationalities who purchased the most real estate were as follows:

the numberforeign nationalityThe number of properties purchased
1Iraqis 29 thousand and 349 properties
2Russians 18 thousand and 918 properties
3Iranians 18 thousand and 154 properties
4Saudis14 thousand 267 properties
5The English 13 thousand and 524 properties
6Germans 12 thousand and 552 properties
7Kuwaitis 12 thousand and 202 properties
8Afghan8 thousand and 370 properties
9Azerbaijanis 6 thousand 855 properties
10Jordanians5 thousand 485 properties


Despite the current circumstances and the spread of the Corna virus and the impact of real estate sales in Turkey with the virus that spread throughout the country, the real estate market and buying and selling operations continued in all states of Turkey and witnessed a turnout despite being affected.

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