Reasons to buy apartments in residential complexes in Turkey

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There are many options in front of you if you intend to buy an apartment in Turkey, You will think that you buy apartments in apartment complexes, Better than other options like, or apartments in private buildings equipped with the best services, or used apartments.

Your choice will depend on the plan and purpose of the purchase of the property, But it is necessary to know that buying a property in a modern residential complex in Istanbul in particular, In Turkey in general, it is beneficial for investors in general, It has many advantages, which we will learn about in this article.

What is a residential complex?

A residential complex is a group of properties, which is surrounded by a wall, It has its own security gates. He has a permanent guard.

The residential complex offers a wide range of other services, Like equipped gyms, It provides you with maintenance services. and private green spaces, cleaning services, places for children and entertainment, In addition to a group of restaurants and cafes.

The services provided in the residential complex vary; So that it is broad and comprehensive when the value of the property is greater.

The idea of buying apartments in residential complexes is based, With the intention of owning a property based on a set of criteria, global competitive standards, In addition to high-quality engineering designs, and guaranteed with high accuracy, In addition to securing and resisting natural disasters, and earthquakes.

Types of real estate in Turkey within the residential complexes

The real estate in the modern residential complex in Turkey varies according to the purpose of the project, You will find that the buyer is within the option of buying apartments in residential complexes, or a private villa, In general, the types of real estate within modern residential complexes in Turkey include: the following:

  • Apartments with different views.
  • Two-storey apartments, It is called a duplex.
  • Apartments on the upper floor of the residential complex, It’s called a penthouse. It has a balcony and a swimming pool.
  • A villa with a small garden within the residential complex called a townhouse.
  • detached villa, It is located within the residential complexes of villas, It consists of two floors, Or more, With various areas.

Monthly fees for residential complex facilities

You may come across the term returns which relates to payments, or the monthly fee paid by the owner, In return for benefiting from all the services provided to the owner of the property, whether a villa or an apartment, and can enjoy it, He and the rest of his family.

These services are within the residential complex. In addition to the maintenance costs of the various service facilities in the residential complex.

The owner of these fees is obligated, Regardless of whether he benefits from the property or not, or use of the services or not.

In general, the value of these monthly fees in residential complexes starts from 150 Turkish liras. It increases as the property is larger. The services available to him were more.

The most important advantages of buying apartments in residential complexes in Turkey

Buying real estate within residential complexes in Istanbul has a set of advantages, and the most important:

  • enjoy peace and comfort, In areas away from the noise caused by cars, This is thanks to the presence of partitions of walls between the properties within the residential complex.
  • Buying apartments in residential complexes in Turkey provides a high level of security and safety, protection; On each building gate located within the residential complex, you will find a private security guard, who is keen to prevent strangers from entering the building, Only after checking with the owner of the apartment
  • Available in modern residential complexes, especially in Istanbul, and other areas also high protection systems, Like having surveillance cameras, And alarms in all the boundaries of the buildings.
  • Reassurance about the safety and protection of the apartment during times when the owner of the apartment is away from it for a period of time, whether if he thinks of going for a long vacation, or travel for any purpose.
  • Modern residential complexes maintain the principle of privacy, and independence.
  • Buying apartments in residential complexes in Turkey provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of the building’s lush gardens, wide green spaces, Which is often below the ground floor.
  • buy apartments in apartment complexes, It gives you an opportunity to live a life of luxury without effort, This is thanks to the availability of swimming pools, sports halls, In addition to football and basketball fields, tennis and saunas, And more other facilities such as elevators, schools, mosques, cafes, and shopping centers.
  • Transportation is available in almost all residential complexes in Turkey, Where it is always built near metro stations, Tramway and metrobus.

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Areas with the best residential complexes in Turkey

Buying apartments in apartment complexes in Turkey is a great option, Depending on the area in which the project is located.

But there are a group of areas that have been very popular, In being containing the best apartment complexes, Such as:

  • Istanbul city

Any real estate investor can buy apartments in residential complexes in the wonderful areas of Istanbul, such as Esenyurt, and Beylikduzu, and a famous Basaksehir, Şişli, Bagcilar, And Avcilar.

  • Bursa city

In this city, there are a number of areas that the investor can consider when he wants to buy apartments in residential complexes, Like Mudanya, And Nilufer.

  • Antalya

The investor finds really great opportunities in residential complexes in Antalya, which are located in the Konyaalti region, and kepez region, And the Kemer and Serik region.

  • scaria

Sakarya includes wonderful complexes in the lap of the picturesque nature in the regions of Serdvan, and Adapazari, and sapanca area, And Karasu.

  • Trabzon city

This is the city that many Arab investors turn to when buying apartments in residential complexes. It is one of the most desirable areas to own property in. These are Yomra residential complexes. Ortahisar region, In the Bostanci apartment complexes, In addition to Akcaabat area complexes, and machka.

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