Residence in Turkey

الاقامة في تركية

Residence in Turkey is considered, One of the things that any person on the face of the earth seeks to possess, It is not only intended here for students or the youth group in general, It also affects girls and everyone who wants to reach the top ranks in Turkey, Where the Turkish residency is one of the most important things that a person should obtain upon his arrival and stay in Turkey, No person can own the Turkish residency except for those who fulfill the necessary conditions to own it.

Conditions for owning residence in Turkey:

residence in Turkey, It is considered a wonderful and beautiful dream for everyone who sets foot in its charming lands. Therefore, Turkish residency is one of the most difficult things to obtain and at the same time one of the easiest things. Where the Directorate General of Migration Management of the Turkish Ministry of Interior announced the most important and prominent conditions that must be met by a person who wants to obtain residence in Turkey, Including the following:

  • First, One of the most important conditions stressed by the ministry is that every foreign person must apply for residence in Turkey, That this foreign person be present in the Turkish territory and within the Turkish borders at the time of submitting the application, It is not valid to submit it outside the country under any circumstances.
  • Secondly, The person applying for a residence permit application in Turkey should submit this application, accompanied by a copy of the passport, a copy of the identity photo and personal photos, This application is submitted electronically via the Internet. This is through the Immigration Department website.
  • Third, When the application for Turkish residency is submitted, it is not required to be inside the Turkish territory, However, it is required that the person be present at the time of the interview. As this date is called the date of wishes, Because it achieves what one wishes for obtaining residence in Turkey.
  • Fourthly, The applicant must apply for residence in Turkey, To work on submitting an application with a record and it is printed without a specific date in it, and the applicant receives a receipt written that he will be contacted as soon as possible, From the website of the Immigration and Passports Department.
  • fifth, The Ministry stipulated that everyone who wants to obtain residency in Turkey must have a so-called health insurance policy for at least one year for all ages.

It is worth mentioning in this context, The passport management system is linked with health insurance companies, which are called by another term in the Turkish country, which is “sigurta”, In it, the data is entered by writing the name of the insurance company, And that by choosing from the list and not writing.

To obtain residence in Turkey:

There are several things to consider at the beginning of this important matter. In order to obtain residence in Turkey, Where residency in Turkey is one of the wonderful things that everyone is trying to reach, It is one of the most important goals that one dreams of achieving in Turkey. Among the things that must be taken into account to obtain residence in Turkey, the following:

First, The person applying for residency must have a mobile phone and be in person, And that this line be sound and used in Turkey, So that the concerned authorities can reach the required person at the time of need.

Secondly, The passport of the concerned person must be Sound and correct information in terms of the expiry date associated with the border crossing.

Third, In this case, all papers and documents related to personal information must be submitted correctly and free from any errors. Necessary documents are ready while the person is requested to attend.

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