Rumors about owning real estate in Turkey

الاقامة العقارية في تركيا

Owning real estate in Turkey requires a lot of effort, Especially for those who want to own property for the first time, or for major investors.
The Turkish real estate market is changing rapidly, Everyone in this field needs a lot of awareness of market matters, and its future directions.
And if we look at the amount of information available on the Internet about ownership, investing or even real estate in Turkey; This raises self-doubts regarding the credibility of the companies that put this information on social media and accounts.

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Certainly, real estate companies have a great role in providing correct information to people interested in real estate investment matters. And spreading investment awareness regarding Turkish real estate.
For this reason, we have written this article, which contains a set of distinguished information regarding the process of owning real estate in Turkey.
which every property owner will need, in the acquisition stage, Or during investing in Turkey.

The most common misinformation about owning real estate in Turkey

You need a lot of money to enter the Turkish real estate market.

Most of the rumors And the misconceptions of a large group of people about the issue of owning real estate in Turkey, Is that Turkey’s real estate prices are very high.
As many people who are interested in real estate investment think, that the cost of entering the market is too high, This is not true.
And most importantly of these convictions, you must have sufficient awareness, Awareness and understanding of the market well.
You can start the process of investing in the Turkish real estate market to an amount of up to 50,000 dollars by investing individuals in university housing projects, or housing projects in general, Which will give them a good return.

The reason for the failure to invest in many of the major investors in the real estate field; Due to lack of awareness of market aspects, And the lack of sufficient understanding of the future trends in the field of real estate in Turkey.
In addition, the focus by investors in owning real estate in Turkey is on the quantity of investment, not the type.

Real estate companies make a lot of money

Certainly, real estate companies, whether in Turkey or anywhere in this world, They work to earn money. but not the idea, or the promoted image, And stuck in people’s minds.
This is due to the commissions received in the real estate sector, It differs between real estate companies. There is no fixed commission. But the average for this commission is set at 3% and it is paid by the construction company for the project and not by the client or investor.
In addition to the fact that there are a lot of other costs for real estate companies in the real estate ownership market in Turkey, Which makes the profit margin little, Including the high taxes taken by the Turkish government and other expenses related to matters of sale.

Quick profit in the real estate ownership market in Turkey

Many people with limited experience in real estate investment in Turkey are looking to make money, and profit quickly, Which makes them take decisions in a hurry, Which often ends up incurring unnecessary losses.
Patience and time are the key to success in the Turkish real estate sector. As it is known that this market is growing, It is developing more than other investment sectors.
It also provides a good financial return on investment in the long run.
It is better for investors to focus initially on understanding how the market works. And then move on to the stage of choosing the property among the best ones, in terms of quality, and region.

Real estate companies are similar

One of the important things is choosing an ideal real estate company to deal with when deciding to own real estate in Turkey.
Not all of these companies are the same and they differ from each other in terms of the quality of services provided. It is good if you want to invest not to rush your choice.

There are many real estate companies that provide high quality services. For anyone who wants to invest in the real estate sector, whether by owning an apartment, or a villa, or others.

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