Smart homes in Turkey and how they work

المنازل الذكية في تركيا وآلية عملها

With the world turning into a small village in light of the great technological development witnessed by the world, And the development did not stop only on industries and cars, but also reached smart homes in Turkey, which are smart homes with advanced technology. Smart homes are controlled through a phone application. Smart homes spread in Turkey, keeping pace with the countries of the world in which this type of house is preferred. Many people live in it and their family because of its ease of use and because it reduces time and effort

The concept of smart homes in Turkey

Smart homes in Turkey are a home that is managed electronically through a phone application through which the whole house is controlled from screens, electrical appliances, doors, windows, air conditioning, kitchen and lighting, The blinds and all the electronic devices in the incision are controlled through a phone app.

Smart devices have also become a prerequisite for life. It is used by many segments of society of different age groups in order to connect different parts of the world through communication networks and other advanced means. But technology didn’t just stop here but introduced a new trend by living and living in smart homes.

Smart homes in Turkey are not different in form or structure from the homes we know, but rather they are completely technology-based homes that are managed and controlled through an application in your smart phone that allows you, with one click, to control the simplest details of your home such as lighting and electrical appliances, starting with TV screens and air conditioners. All the way to electrical kitchen appliances, doors and windows, as well as curtains, water taps, or even the temperature in the house.

Advantages of smart homes in Turkey

Many, and most of us, live in ordinary, simple, classic homes where there is no technology and technological development. But there are many people who prefer the smart home over the rest of the homes, and the advantages of smart homes in Turkey are many, as it has become among the demand of many Arab and foreign investors, and the most prominent features are:

  1. Safety and security

Smart home systems are not limited to providing comfort and fun to its residents only!! Rather, they provide the basics of life that we all need in our lives, such as security and safety, as these systems provide:

  • security cameras.
  • Intelligent sensory sensors.
  • Electronic lock.

These systems communicate with each other and protect you in the event of an attempted theft, Where it provides you with direct communication services with the police and sounds the sirens immediately in case of feeling any unfamiliar movements such as trying to break the door and windows or any attempt to enter unoccupied to your home. Also, there are fire alarm systems and gas and water leakage sensors in the house, which in turn call the emergency numbers directly on the Unlike traditional homes, which are useless in similar situations.

  1. reduce time :

One of the biggest important factors in smart homes is the regulation of human time as homes operate on an automation mechanism for home automation systems through which a lot of time consuming work is solved automatically with fewer interventions

for example: When evening comes, you don’t have to deal with closing the blinds one by one, they will close automatically. As in the morning, all the windows will be opened to renew and purify the air in various corners of the house, along with many other advantages of smart homes that can solve things for you and make you earn more time and save more time.

  1. Saving Money:

There is nothing better than a smart system that offers you a safe and economical lifestyle at the same time, as smart homes will depend on saving energy at every moment, Proving this by turning off the lights immediately after you leave the room, as well as turning off electrical appliances after minutes of inactivity, You will also notice this through your gas and electricity bills, which will reach you at a medium to low level, unlike ordinary homes, which are not managed by an intelligent system that reduces waste.

  1. saving effort:

A smart home helps save effort for the people who live in it, as it reduces the physical energy that a person spends in his smart home from household chores.

Smart home prices in Turkey

Smart homes in Turkey still have many advantages, as many studies show the desire of many to get a smart home with its integrated features in amounts not exceeding $50,000, While it’s worth noting that you need more money than that to get a smart home, The price of a smart home in Turkey ranges from 100 to 150 thousand US dollars.

Many investors in the Arab Gulf countries seek to invest their money in smart projects and buy smart apartments in Istanbul, In Turkey, despite the high prices of this type of apartments, But there are smart apartments with amazing and beautiful views of the sea shores that are worth the money.

When buying a smart home in Turkey, you must go to a company and apply to it to buy a smart apartment.

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