Steps to buy a property in Turkey

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شراء عقار في تركيا

It is not as easy to buy a property in a country outside your home country as it is to buy a property in your own country. There are many procedures and conditions set by the governments of the countries in which investors wish to purchase real estate. Therefore, there is a kind of risk in the matter in the event that the laws relating to the purchase of real estate in any foreign country are not known, But investors are accepting to buy real estate in Turkey with full force because of the Turkish government’s interest in dispelling all these concerns and registering real estate completely legally to protect the investor and seller from any problems when completing the property purchase.

Reasons why investors are afraid to buy a foreign property

  • Fear of fraud, fraud and loss of valuable time for the investor, In addition to losing his money.
  • Significant substantial differences in the applicable laws, regulations and regulations governing the operations, sale and purchase of real estate between different countries, Some of them are easy, while others are difficult, and it takes time and many procedures to make the process of buying a property in the end.
  • Weak legislation and laws governing the purchase of real estate by foreigners, Which makes them vulnerable to the sudden loss of their investment.
  • Language barriers stand in the way of completing the purchase process. In addition to the large number of legal terms that constitute a great distraction for the investor when he wants to buy a residential property for him in one of the countries where investment in the real estate aspect is available.
  • a feeling of not having real control over the buying process, Especially if this process is done by appointing a real estate company to purchase the residential property and the investor is not able to attend the process himself in the country in which he will buy the residential property.

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Steps to buy a property in Turkey

Searching for the right property in the right place in Turkey

There are hundreds of real estate agents in Turkey, many of whom provide advice and guidance to buy the properties they are marketing in many areas in Turkey, But it is preferable for the investor to use a real estate company that has been operating for a long time in Turkey and has

Extensive experience and complete information about all regions of Turkey, their nature and real estate prices in each of these regions, the search

Good makes the investor find the right property for him and in the place and region where he really wants to own a property

Find a suitable real estate company to work with

The right property = a suitable and experienced real estate company, It is best to use a specialized real estate company with an excellent reputation in this field. Its reputation and reliability can be known by searching for reviews about it on the Internet by clients and investors who have dealt with it previously, and reading their opinions on more than one site to judge the real estate company and choose a suitable company to buy the property from.

Speak at length to the real estate agent of the investor’s choice

It is not enough just to find an experienced real estate agent and complete the purchase process through them, Rather, it is very important for the investor to talk to the real estate agent at length and establish a good relationship with him, This greatly helps the real estate agent to understand exactly what the investor prefers The specifications that the investor wishes to obtain in the property, and the right place to buy the property, And everything related to the property in all respects.

Visiting Turkey and the region in which the investor wants to buy the property

A real inspection and visit must be made to the area in which he wishes to purchase the residential property, and experience the commercial places in the area, As well as the dining experience and lifestyle itself, Because this is what the foreign tourist will test himself later when renting the residential property from the investor during his stay in Turkey.

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