The best types of investment in commercial real estate in Turkey

أفضل أنواع استثمار العقارات التجارية في تركيا

We offer you the best 4 types of investment in commercial real estate, And more about how to succeed in choosing the most appropriate among them.

Types of investment in commercial real estate

Investors may opt for commercial real estate, What do we mean by commercial real estate? It is one of the following:

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Investment in commercial offices

Commercial offices are one of the commercial properties that investors can go to it, But when an investor makes a decision to invest in this type of commercial real estate in Turkey , it is necessary to follow the following tips:

  • It is very important that the office is close to the main roads of the city.
  • Pay attention to the location of the office itself, So that a comfortable and ideal working environment must be provided; In order to increase the level of achievement and performance by employees.
  • The necessity of having the office close to a group of places such as hotels, In order to make it easier for customers in matters of residence, And to be able to take advantage of the meeting rooms in the hotel when your work requires any meeting.
  • It is important to have a car park for the commercial office.
  • good ventilation of the place, By having windows.
  • The commercial office is close to the bank’s ATM.
  • An electric lift is available in the building.
  • Provides central heating services. commercial office cooling; To be suitable in both winter and summer season together.
  • Provides a strong infrastructure and transportation network, in the same area.

Real estate investment in shops

The second type of real estate investment in Turkey, It directs investors to invest in shops, And also, we offer you a set of tips that you should look at, Such as:

  • That the area is easily accessible, It is located in the city center, There are various means of transportation.
  • That the area is full of movement, And crowded with pedestrians.
  • proximity to car parks, and automated teller machines, and banks.
  • the presence of a security guard, On the street where the shop is located, It is good to have surveillance cameras.

Real estate investment in warehouses in Turkey

We now move to a third type of commercial real estate that the investor can invest in, They are warehouses.

Here is a set of tips for every investor who wants to invest in stores, As a commercial property:

  • close to main roads, Especially in big cities, full of movement and people, like Istanbul.
  • proximity to commercial areas, or industrial.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the availability of suitable positions for all loading and unloading operations.
  • provide security, For risk management and fire extinguishing systems.
  • Provide permanent security guard, It is also good to have surveillance cameras.

Investing in hotels in Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the first tourist destinations in the world, This is due to the stunning scenery and the wide choice of charming beaches. and a privileged geographic location, In addition to its specialties, And delicious dishes.

All this made it a tourist destination par excellence. It is visited by more than 60 million tourists annually.

This is what prompted the need for the idea of investing in hotels, And make this idea a really profitable investment idea.

We offer you these tips for foreign investors wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, Especially in hotels:

  • Choosing to invest in three and four rated hotels, and five stars, This is because the turnout is very large by tourists, especially Arab tourists.
  • Choosing to invest in real estate in hotels located in cities that witness a large influx of tourists, For example Antalya, Bursa, and Istanbul.
  • Attention to hotel construction, to be new, Equipped with modern suites, And trendy.
  • The necessity of having a group of tourist attractions in the area in which the hotel is located, Like beaches, malls, shopping malls, And other other tourist attractions.
  • The hotel is close to transportation, transportation, Ease of movement to and from the hotel.

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