The comprehensive guide to establishing a company in Turkey

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Establishing a company in Turkey is practically one of the important decisions in people’s lives.

Through the law in Turkey, which is concerned with attracting investors, and encourage international direct investment in Turkey, And its reliance on the principles of equality in dealing.

As foreign investors in Turkey are given the same opportunities as the local investor.

The same terms and conditions apply to it. related to the establishment of companies, or commercial activities.

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Types of companies in Turkey

There are many types of companies in Turkey, They are divided according to the trade name, characteristics, to me:

  1. joint venture
  2. contribution companies
  3. Simple recommendation companies
  4. Limited Liability Companies

Steps to establish a company in Turkey

  1. processing all papers, And the documents required for establishing a company in Turkey
  2. Writing the contract for the establishment of the company
  3. Registration in the Chamber of Commerce, After writing the company’s articles of incorporation
  4. Receipt of the signature approved by the Director
  5. Accounting agency preparation
  6. Prepare all papers and other documents for the company

Documents required to establish a company in Turkey

Setting up a company in Turkey requires preparation, preparing a set of papers, and necessary documents, They are as follows:

  • 2 clear personal photos
  • One copy of your passport, with a translated version, certified by a notary public;
    If the person holds Syrian citizenship, What is required of him is a temporary Turkish ID. It fills the place of the passport.
  • Lease contract for the company’s site, on which the company will be established, and carry out commercial activity on it, whether it is a physical location, or virtual headquarters.
  • Your tax number

Writing the contract for the establishment of the company

This step is based on writing the company’s articles of incorporation in the presence of all partners. and officials with important information and data, Which:

  • Determine a suitable name for the company, With its inclusion in the company’s articles of incorporation, And after checking it, And make sure there is no company by name beforehand.
  • The company’s headquarters must be chosen if the site is real or virtual, They are as follows:
  1. The real headquarters of the company, which will be included in the company’s articles of incorporation, and it is the actual headquarters of the company, whether it is an office, or a shop that is rented in order to start the business activity of the company.
  2. The virtual headquarters and this headquarters shall be initially until a physical location is found for the company, It is already located on the ground, It is an office or shop, When the company is registered, that virtual seat is used as a substitute for the real one before the state; but it’s fake, It cannot be used to establish the company to carry out its own commercial activity, It is just an address for the company, This is in line with the law and does not violate it in Turkey
  • Evaluate the value of the company’s capital, mentioned in the contract; So that, according to Turkish law, which stresses that the minimum capital of the company must reach 10,000 Turkish liras, That is 1709 US dollars.
  • Determine the number of shares of the company, And the need to distribute it to all partners.

Registration of the company contract in the Chamber of Commerce

You must go to the Chamber of Commerce. accompanied by a sworn translator, In order to complete the company registration, and obtaining a commercial register, Which provides the opportunity to engage in commercial activity in Turkey, It includes all the data in the company contract.

Extracting the signature approved by the director

After issuing the commercial register of the company, The important next step role is to assign an authorized signature to the manager.

be through a notary, Here the importance of this paper lies in the fact that the corporate identity becomes comprising all the information, and its data with the signature of the special director in government departments, and Chamber of Commerce.

Equipping the accounting agency

Attention should be paid to the important role of the accountant in establishing companies. It is important to work as an accounting agency, This is to extract the signature of the director.

The accountant must be Turkish. He will be responsible for uploading the data, and monthly reports relating to the company to the government, The agency is sent after completion. For the chartered accountant to complete his work.

Preparing all papers and other documents

It comes at the end of the stages of establishing the company in Turkey, Here the information will be completed, And the documents and documents related to the establishment of a company in Turkey, including the following:

  • The company’s official newspaper.
  • tax plaque.
  • Company’s commercial bank account.
  • Decisions book of the company’s director.
  • Event sheet.

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