The impact of the opening of the new Istanbul Airport metro on the real estate surrounding the airport!

افتتاح مترو مطار إسطنبول الجديد على العقارات

The opening of airports and transportation will affect the surrounding real estate and real estate prices. The new Istanbul Airport metro will open in the coming periods, as the opening of the new Istanbul Airport metro will affect the real estate surrounding the airport significantly, Especially on the prices of real estate and investment apartments in Istanbul, Where work has begun on the new metro line, which is scheduled to link between the “Gayertepe” area and Istanbul Airport, Turkish media revealed that the new metro line, which laid the foundation stone for it in 2016, and its first phase was opened, that the Istanbul Airport metro will be opened in its second phase in 2021.

Impact of Istanbul Airport Metro Opening on Real Estate

The opening of the Istanbul Airport metro significantly affects real estate prices in the areas that the new metro passes through greatly, As there is a base in real estate in Istanbul, when the property approaches sea, air and land transportation, real estate prices rise at a record level, After the opening of the new Istanbul Airport, the areas surrounding the airport became very important for investors, especially with the imminent opening of the Istanbul Airport metro, which connects the center of Istanbul to the north of Istanbul on the Black Sea.

Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure “Cahit Turhan” also announced that with the beginning of 2020, work will be completed on the new metro line that connects to Istanbul’s new airport.

Turhan said that the length of the new metro will be 37.5 km, consisting of 9 stations, and that the foundations have been laid and 30% of the total line has been completed.

Istanbul Municipality is paving roads and paving roads with high-speed and advanced transportation linking the airport and the city center in order to facilitate for tourists, foreigners and travelers to Turkey freedom of movement between the airport and the center of Istanbul and linking all neighborhoods with each other to move, The opening of the Istanbul Airport Metro also affected the spirit in the real estate surrounding the airport and made it the most sought after, sold and most distinguished, as the government is accelerating to revive that region with advanced services, transportation and infrastructure, as the opening of the Istanbul Airport Metro is within the vision of 2023, which is directly supervised by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The importance of Istanbul Airport metro on real estate

The importance of the Istanbul Airport metro on the real estate surrounding the airport in Istanbul, It has significant positive effects on the real estate and investment sector, including:

  1. The high volume of real estate sales in the areas surrounding the new Istanbul Airport.
  2. Encouraging investors to invest in real estate in the surrounding areas and neighborhoods near Istanbul’s new airport.
  3. The high prices of residential apartments and villas near the airport, and the high prices of real estate of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Passengers from Istanbul’s new airport can easily reach the city center with the new subway.
  5. It reduces the arrival time of citizens who settle in the areas near the airport to the city center and near the tourist areas.

The most prominent projects of Vision 2023 in Istanbul

Several projects of the Vision 2023 have emerged in Istanbul, which were revealed by the government, including the opening of the new Istanbul Airport metro, Where there are other projects accompanying the vision of 2023 in Istanbul, which seeks to develop the infrastructure in Turkey and raise the Turkish economy to the world through the projects of Vision 2023, through which Turkey will rise to record and distinguished numbers, and the Greater Istanbul Municipality has given a huge share of its budget and time to those projects similar to the metro Istanbul Airport and other modern metro lines, which form a wide network that covers a third of Istanbul at the present time, with expectations of covering at least two thirds of the city by 2023.

The Turkish government has also announced several important projects within Vision 2023, which will enhance Turkey’s position in the region and at the world level, as it will raise the economy and Turkey will compete with major European countries, among the most prominent of these projects:

  • Istanbul new airport.
  • The Three Bridges of the Bosphorus.
  • Istanbul Water Canal.
  • Highways.
  • Istanbul New Airport Metro
  • The largest commercial centers and malls
  • The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the two parts of the city through a waterway under the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Many investment and real estate projects that will accompany the 2023 vision.

Most of the projects within the 2023 vision will be concentrated in Istanbul in particular and in all Turkish states in general. Where there will be projects in other cities accompanying the projects that will be in Istanbul.

Statistics on the stages of development of airports in Turkey

Airports in Turkey have developed significantly with the urban, economic and political development that Turkey has witnessed recently. There are statistics that speak of the development witnessed by airports in Turkey significantly, and this constituted an influential factor on real estate in Turkey and on the volume of investments. The most prominent statistics:

  1. The number of airports in Turkey increased by 115%
  2. Its capacity has increased by 485%.
  3. Its tracks expanded and their number increased by 59%
  4. The number of aircraft increased by 219%
  5. Its international flights increased by 427%
  6. Turkish Airlines profits amounted to 2.5 billion Turkish liras during the first nine months of the year “2019”.
  7. Doubling tourist traffic throughout the year.

Istanbul Airport Metro and its importance on the real estate market

Public transportation, whether subway, bus, tram, bus, metro bus, or sea and air transportation in real estate prices and the volume of demand for real estate surrounding these transportations, where the price of the real estate is linked to its proximity and distance from transportation, the more the real estate approaches those important transportations, the more valuable it becomes And the turnout for him increased.

The subway line of the new Istanbul Airport is a good example of this, as the value of the neighboring properties will rise as soon as the completion of the opening of its second phase is disclosed, as its first phase was inaugurated and with the beginning of 2021, the Istanbul Airport Metro will open, and the construction of that line was actually the most important steps that The municipality was supposed to take this at this time to reduce the problems of traffic congestion and reduce pressures on other transportation leading to the airport.

Buying real estate near Istanbul Airport

If you are a real estate investor or one of those who are about to own real estate in Istanbul or who are residents of Istanbul and want to buy an apartment or property, We invite you to buy real estate near the new Istanbul metro and close to the new Istanbul airport, as the new Istanbul metro area is one of the best areas for investment, as apartment prices will rise immediately after the announcement of the opening of the new Istanbul airport metro in 2021.


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