The most important strengths of the Turkish real estate sector

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The Turkish real estate sector is one of the most important traditional investment sectors for the Turkish family, In addition to this traditional request, It is also noted that the Turkish real estate market has become one of the popular investment destinations for foreign investors.

And therefore, An objective evaluation of the Turkish real estate market requires a cost-benefit analysis, Here we will identify the strong aspects of the market, The most important strengths that encourage real estate investment in Turkey.

Factors affecting the real estate sector

In any case, a number of factors play in influencing the Turkish real estate sector, The same is the case in all major countries. Which:

subjective factors

relating to the property, The biggest role in the process of determining the success of real estate investment, What affects the price of the property; sets its price, In terms of the quality of the materials used, As well as how luxurious the clothing.

objective factors

In addition to these subjective factors, there are other objective factors. which is the country’s infrastructure, including roads, water and electricity resources, sanitation, communication networks, bridges, and others.

It is known that Turkey has made many achievements in this field. It has the most important and unique integrated infrastructure projects at the global level. Like: istanbul canal project, And Istanbul’s third airport.

The most recent development in the concept of the real estate sector was based on it. set of data, The most important of them are:

  • The classification obtained by Turkey as the country with the most tourist attractions.
  • Increasing the number of urban development projects, which were included on the future agendas of the Turkish government, and the municipalities of the states therein.
  • infrastructure strength, and its development.
  • appropriate legislation for investment, and banking business.
  • The Turkish government supports foreigners on a continuous basis.
  • Turkey has a large population of more than 82 million people.

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Information about the Turkish real estate sector

The Turkish economy is characterized by a competitive ground in general, in its various economic sectors.
So that he proved his strength and tenacity, He has always been trusted by many parties and still is on this matter. It enjoys all the elements of merit and strength among investors in general, and international bodies interested in the economic aspect.

The year 2012 in particular was the huge boom witnessed by the real estate sector in Turkey in terms of real estate market activity.
This is due to a set of structural changes made by the Turkish government, which allows citizens of 183 countries, It enables them to buy real estate within the borders of the state of Turkey, In order to attract more foreign investors.
Which had a positive impact on the definition of the real estate sector itself. Many prospects have opened up that welcomes investment in the Turkish real estate sector.
Indeed, after the changes were made by the Turkish government, The result was the influx of foreign investors, With the aim of owning real estate, and get the largest share in the purchase process, Sales increased in a period following these procedures, as foreign investors flocked to Turkey to own real estate. Thus, they acquired a large share of the purchases, Thus, real estate sales increased fivefold in the period between 2012-2015.

The strengths of the Turkish real estate sector

The Turkish real estate sector accounts for a fifth of the gross domestic product, which exceeds $ 900 billion.
The Turkish economy is ranked eighteenth among the world’s economies.
Foreigners have been granted many purchasing advantages from the fall in the price of the Turkish lira against other currencies, Whether in productive spending or consumption spending.
So the person gets about 8 Turkish lira for one US dollar, While it was much lower in the years preceding the crisis, the exchange rate of the Turkish lira fell.
As for the real estate sector in Turkey in this period, It has been stable in terms of prices. This allowed for more strong investment entry points in the real estate sector.
The real estate sector was not affected by the issue of recurring crises that might hit the economy, from time to time.
Investing in the Turkish real estate sector is characterized as a long-term investment, As the period of benefit from the process of buying a property reaches a number of years, At the same time, the person who follows the crises that the Turkish economy is going through sees them as, soon to be overcome, bypassed, And not often for long periods.
The demand for the Turkish real estate sector remains high from the Arabs, Which contributes to the continuation of the movement in the Turkish real estate sector, Being one of the closest safe havens for venture capitalists.

Turkey provides foreign investors with a banking system that facilitates all procedures related to buying and selling operations.
The introduction of the mortgage system.
The presence of a good number of excellent companies, It is world famous for its construction works.
The Turkish real estate sector is one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe. As a result of Turkey’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, and Central Asia, and the Middle East.

The future of the Turkish real estate sector

demolish illegal installations, and start construction of new high-quality buildings, As part of a group of efforts concerned with real estate development, and restructuring the city.
There will be potential for growth that is associated with increased demand, Low supply of housing units.
high quality real estate and buildings, Based on new earthquake management laws.
the increasing need for housing, and workplaces, and establishment of investment projects.

Government real estate projects in Turkey

  • The opening of a new airport in Istanbul, In addition to the Istanbul Canal, It is the new Bosphorus. In the European city of Istanbul, In order to reduce congestion in the Bosphorus Strait, As well as avoiding dangers from large ships, and make it a tourist destination only, The project is expected to be completed in 2023.
  • Afrasia tunnel project, Which connects the two sides of the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, It consists of two floors, It will be assigned to cars. In addition to the group of bridges linking the cities of Turkey, which shortens distance and time, Like Sultan Osman Ghazi Bridge, So that this bridge shortens the distance between Istanbul and Bursa from 7 hours to about three and a half hours.
  • The Turkish government is trying to make all areas of Istanbul connected to a modern transportation network by the end of 2023.
  • New metro lines in Bursa, The city of Gaziantep and Gazi.
  • The Turkish government is trying to adopt the idea of rail and transportation systems, In order to reduce the cost of transportation between different Turkish cities, both for the Turks, Or aliens at the same level.
  • The Turkish government plans to re-create urban transformation areas, rural areas, and remote areas, From a residential and urban point of view, This is an important point for investors. It makes them direct their eyes to these areas.

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