Tips for buying an apartment in Turkey

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Many investors plan to buy an apartment in Turkey for them either for the purpose of investing and making money, Or for the purpose of residing in Turkey for a temporary period of time or settling permanently there for work purposes in many cases, But the process of buying an apartment there needs to know prior to the nature of the regions in Turkey, And the types and prices of apartments in each region, In each region, the prices of apartments differ from the region other, Therefore, it is very important not to rush and make the decision to buy an apartment in Turkey before making sure of all the necessary information before buying.

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Reasons why investors buy an apartment in Turkey

The nature of Turkey is different from the nature of many Arab and foreign countries at the same time, Because of these differences, investors greatly desire to buy apartments in them, Among the most important reasons for them to buy in Turkey are the following:

  • The state of political, economic and security stability that Turkey is experiencing, especially after the 2018 elections, And the subsequent renaissance and recovery in all fields in Turkey, Which reflected positively on the field of real estate investment, Especially after the Turkish government launched new laws that encouraged all investors to invest in real estate in Turkey.
  • The nature of the Turkish and Arab societies is similar to a very large extent, especially in religious and social aspects, so it is almost close to a large extent, Most types of food and clothing are also very similar between the Arab and Turkish societies.
  • The ideal and appropriate educational atmosphere, which helped the Arabs and foreigners to attach themselves to the Turkish lifestyle there and invest them greatly in the field of Turkish real estate, And their quest to own more real estate in Turkey.
  • Turkey’s proximity to the Arab countries has greatly contributed to the exchange of visits between Arab people and their families there in Turkey. Thus, these people saved a lot of hardship, effort and financial cost at the same time.

The most important tips that should be taken when buying an apartment in Turkey

  • Don’t be in a rush to buy any apartment there, And do not rely on the first impression to complete the purchase.
  • Buying any apartment in Turkey requires full and complete knowledge of the nature of the real estate market in Turkey so that the investor can benefit from all the opportunities available to him before buying the property and make good use of them when completing the purchase process.
  • Ensure the division of rooms inside the apartment according to what the investor wants, So that the rooms of the apartment can accommodate his entire family or, in general, can accommodate an entire family, And that the sun’s rays overlook directly on the apartment so that it is always warm in the winter, which reduces heating costs significantly, The windows of the apartment should be large and suitable for ventilation. It should not overlook the adjacent building directly and the sun should not enter it at all.
  • Accompany some professional engineers with the investor in the inspection tour before purchasing, With their advice regarding the whole apartment, They have great experience in buying an apartment in Turkey and can identify the advantages and disadvantages that exist in the apartment by virtue of their experience in this field.
  • Visit the rest of the floors of the property in which the apartment you want to buy is located, making sure that the entrances, outside and staircases of the property work in excellent condition and are in excellent condition that have not been neglected and damaged by other residents of the property, And they take care of the maintenance of everything on an ongoing basis.
  • Verify the infrastructure of the apartment to be purchased and that it works very well and does not have any damaged or invalid equipment, such as: electricity, water and heating installations, water taps are working well…etc of the infrastructure in the apartments.


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