Tips for buying commercial property in Turkey

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العقار التجاري في تركيا

It is preferred by many foreign investors who want to own a commercial property in Turkey, As investing in commercial real estate is more profitable, It can be said that his profit is guaranteed, This is based on a lot of ex-foreigners trade.

who have taken the step of investing in commercial real estate, And their idea succeeded in being a source of income and achieving a high financial return for them.

Turkey is a country that provides a wide variety of services to foreigners. This is the most important reason for attracting investors from all over the world.

As it offers a lot of powerful buying options in the real estate field, Whether investing in a store, or store, or a hotel, or other types of commercial real estate.

They can practice many successful business activities, Apart from investing by buying and reselling with profitable returns, Or leasing to other businessmen wishing to open investment projects.

The most important tips for buying commercial property in Turkey

Commercial real estate space in Turkey

Focusing on buying commercial real estate with a large area is very important, The fact that the narrow working environments have to greatly impede the daily workflow and even create a kind of chaos and disorganization, which has a very impact on the desired returns on investment.

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Commercial front facade

It is necessary to choose the front end, to be well suited to the field of work, and its characteristics.

There are a lot of businesses that require that the work environment be comfortable for customers, clients, The front end is the first point of attraction for the customers.

It is also very important to take care of the back facade of the property, It would be good to use it. To be an area designated for warehouses for example, or it varies according to the purpose of use, The property may be a restaurant. So the idea of making the area in the back of the property is an appropriate idea here, In the event that the property is a place of clothing, be appropriate to make the back area for storing clothes, and merchandise.


It is good to pay attention to the availability of sufficient parking spaces, And you have to make sure of this before buying a commercial property in Turkey.

whether those cars are workers’ cars, or cars of customers and customers; Also, attention should be paid to having the commercial property close to various means of transportation. To attract the largest possible number of customers.

Among the most convenient means of transportation in Istanbul, for example, the metrobus, the metro, Tramways and public buses.

It is important that the investor pay attention to the proximity of the commercial property near these means.

Compatibility of commercial real estate with the type of investment

The focus of the property buyer in Turkey should be with a goal; Provided that there is some kind of harmony in the general atmosphere of the region, or the street in particular, in which the property is located with the type of investment, for example, It does not make sense for real estate to be a store for selling luxury international brands, It is expensive and is located in an old or unprepared popular neighborhood.

Legal status of commercial real estate

A foreign investor wishing to purchase a property must be familiar with all legal matters. relating to his property, i.e. its compliance with licensing matters; According to the type of real estate investment, Some areas, for example, are not allowed to engage in certain activities.

It is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the purchase contract, Ensure that the property is not under mortgage, etc.

commercial real estate website

The location is very important for real estate. Since some activities are entirely based on its geographical location, It is necessary to study the site well.

And the matter also relates to the process of reselling this property in the future, And not just for profit from the commercial investment of a real estate project.

So that the value of the property, which is located in the central areas, lively streets, More than others located in narrow areas, or far away.

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